Make Money With Michael Pruiksma – Day 1 Why are you here?

Must See Video Below!

This is the MOST important part of making money online…

You have to know what you want and when you want to achieve it by.

What are your goals?

How much do you want to make?

Why do you want to make that much?

What will that you get you that you don’t do now?

I also found a short video why this is so important.

This is your very first assignment.

Below in the comment section, I want you to share with me why you want to make money online and how much you want to make.

This is also going to show me who is serious about making money online and who is who is not.

If you are serious and do the work, I will do everything I can to help you succeed, But YOU are the one that has to make it happen.

I will be here as a resource to guide you, motivate you and coach you, but I am not going to do the work for you.

I can not stress how important this step is.

If you don’t know what you want and why you want it, you will never get it.

If you do not write your goals and participate, that just shows me you’re not serious and I will delete you from my mailing list and you will not be able to continue with my make money online training.

I feel bad saying that, but I am super busy helping other people and do not want to waste my time with people that are NOT serious and are not committed.

I only ask you to do three things, show up, be willing to learn and do the work.

So who is serious?

Prove it..

Why are you here and how much do you want to earn?

Also keep an eye out for tomorrows email.

Talk to you then.

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  • Wisdom

    I want to make #10,000 a month.This is because i want to make extra income and also help and improve the standard of living of my family and i.

  • P.Petrov

    Hi Michael,
    Thank you very much for your opportunity.
    In the context of money making, my goal is to make $3 000 until the end of the year.
    In the context of the power of the subconscious mind – I am very much confident that I could very well be of help to you yourself and all those who happen to read this – to begin with,may those who want to make sure that I know what I am talking about,handwrite on a piece of paper between 21.00h – 23.00h the following statement:I am the witness that P.Petrov will earn $3 000 by the end of the year under the guidance of Michael on day Wednesday.Pay attention to what you see/hear just before you wake up on day Sunday.
    To your success.Cheers.

  • Amanda Joy Stradford

    I want to earn $10,000 a month. I need this income to support and raise my children. I want to buy a farm, one because it is my dream, and two to teach my children about hard work and how it pays off. I am a server/bartender and i have developed arthritis in my feet and hands due to years and years of hard work. I am willing to do whatever it takes to be successful. I do not have money for startup however. But what i lack in money, i more than make up with drive and dedication.

  • Debi

    I want to earn $20,000.00 a month, own horse property with a home and a horse. I want to support a therapeutic riding stable.

  • Debi

    I want to make $20,000.00 a month, own horse property with a house and a horse. I also want an art studio.
    I want to support a therapeutic riding stable.

  • Tina

    Need to earn at least 3,000.00 a month so that my family can do more than survive from paycheck to paycheck. Our ultimate goal is to totally earn a full income from home and to build our dream home on our own land.

  • Frank

    I’m in dire need to rise up out of this beyond poor life style. I’d like to make a min of 3k with ina week to get out of mental strain of consistently stressing over money, I’m in middle of bankruptcy with no job and foreseeable leads

  • HI Michael i”m here wanting to make money online cuz i”m sick of tried of getting Scammed by all this other Bullshit online. I have a family i”ve been Driving semi OTR for almost 19 yrs. I am a very committed person self motivated and Honest. I want to find a Real way to make money online. I want to make good income to make my life and my Family’s life better. I would like to make as much as i can. I have the Time to put in this new change in my life. I would like to be able to Retire in 3 yrs and still make money online. Thx Michael

  • Shavonda W.

    I want to make a 6 figure check to give my 3 daughters everything the will need to be successful. They are going to have it hard in this day and age being young mixed women in a single parent home. All of the odds are against them and I’m praying i can make that a little easier.

  • Lionel Johnson

    I will make extra income

  • Takudzwa

    I want to make a six figure check so that l can pay back the mortage l took and as well as help family and friends to live the life they always dream of. Im looking to become financial free and help others as well to achieve financial freedom. My vision is to make close to $5k to $10k a month in the first year for a start then move on to higher standards as the years proceed

  • Drusilla Aaron

    I want to make a 6 figure check so I can give my daughter the life she deserves , better then I had growing up and I can do that in the comfort of my own home so I can spend that time with my family

  • I want to make a six figure check so I can pay off my bills and enjoy life?

  • Allison Smith

    I know with everything in me I am meant to be successful. I am a small business owner who is struggling somewhat right now. It is like everything I do is back firing on me. I give and help anyone that needs something, I try my hardest to be a good person. Right now I’m at that point where I don’t know what to do. I am not going to put a figure on how much I want to make, just know I want to make as much that is available for me to make. I want and need this.

  • Crystal whipps

    I want to make a six figure check, so I can give my kids everything they could ever need.

  • Dai'Ron Henry-Lewis

    The reason I want to do this is because I want to help my family and friends, I want to give my a house while also having a house of my own I want to buy a new car I want to go to school and not worry about student loans

  • Dai'Ron Henry-Lewis

    I want to make six figure checks because I want to be able to pay for my own house take, take care of my family and friends, buy the car I want, and to pay off my phone bill each month without having to worry about how I am going to get by

  • fatima

    i want to join this opportunity to make money online because i want to achieve my life

  • fatima

    i would like to have an extra income

  • Russell Rupp

    I would to make 5000 to 10000 a month so that I can help my family and friends.

  • Russell Rupp

    I would to make 5000 to 10000 a month

  • I am a mother of three children. My youngest son is 9 years old and is autistic. This past year we have had to pull him out of school and start homeschooling him. My husband is disabled and we live on a fixed income now. I had to pick between my job and my child. It was not a hard choice for me my children always come first, but now we are in a very bad position with regular bills and medical bills. So anything extra I could make would help. I would love to make alot of money but I am realistic so an extra 1000 a month would be great but I would love to make more.

  • Lyndimarie

    Im here ready to make a change for me an my family. Tired of the struggle to bugget an pay the bills so to speak. We need something great in our lives. My family has been through so much the past 8yrs we need a great come up an im willing an ready to strive to make the changes we deserve an need.
    My goal is to make atleat 5000 a month on the low end. My old job was only pulling in 1500 a month from me along my husband just did bring home around the same.
    Im willing to learn an work. The flexabilty would be great as well. Im so ready to get rid of the Financial burdens. Im tired of living pay check to pay check. My husbands a roofer so the weather determines his pay a lot of the time.
    Weve moved alot an with children. Id love a stable home for my children. Its hurts me to see my children ask for things i cant get them. An not just the things they would like to have but some are things they need as well. Im so ready for a change.

  • Ntokozo

    My name is Ntokozo, and the reason I want to make money is that I want to make life much more better for myself and my family. Be able to buy everything that I always wanted to have, a house a car for both myself and mom and secure a great future for my siblings. I amount I would like to make is $1000000

  • Stacy Christianson

    I am a single mom of 2 boys and struggle to pay the bills and put food on the table I have to borrow a car to get to work I rent a small apartment my goal is to make enough money to be able to buy my own car and be able to not struggle and to take trips with my kids and just have the fredom to spend time with them and do things with them cause we don’t get to do anything cause I can’t afford it but i have always want to work from home I would love to be able to start bringing in about 5,000 a month I know it will take time but I am very determined and want it

  • I would love to make money online fast and easy ; like in a day get paid !

  • J.D. Pruett

    My mother and I are very close. We are flooded with debt, underwater in car payments, and it really pains me to see her in the state. We struggle to get by, and I want to be able to put the food she wants on her table, pay off every bit of her debt, buy her the car she wants (not one she can only afford), and be able to give her anything she wants whenever she wants it. The Ford Ranger that is returning in 2019 is my dream vehicle. I’ve always wanted one ever since they announced it. I want to be able to buy one, and not make payments, not have to struggle to put gas in it, have a good, quality insurance plan for it, and be happy with it. That’s my goal. And I really appreciate your sincerity. It’s not setup like those bogus, money making systems on Facebook where they fill you with empty promises, make you sit through an hour long video, then make you pay “a small maintenance fee” of say 50 or 100 dollars. With the amount of money we have, we can’t afford the “small” amount of 50 or 100 bucks.

  • Collette

    My goal is to make enough to be financially independent, to own my own home, and be able to finally give my family the life we deserve. I will do this in 1-5 years. I am here because I am a stay at home mom with no way to get an ordinary job this id the only way and I have the determination needed to make it.

  • J. R. Sims

    I appreciate the sincerity, Michael! I am a 68 year old disabled veteran. I am here to cap a legacy of creating jobs. My hometown has been torn with despair ever since the rubber companies left 30 years ago. I believe jobs are not dead-they’ve gone to the web. If I can learn how to become worth $20,000…then I can earn $20,000 a month. Then I could manifest the jobs for my community.

  • Looking to become financial free and do the things I enjoy doing with my love ones and friends. My goal is to help others in life and I believe I can through this. My vision is to make $25k my first year (realistic goal), then move on to higher standards as the following years come.

  • brian

    To begin with,im a university student facing a financial crisis.I only have one employed parent,my dad,who works his ass off to pay bills and school fees for me and my siblings and he also takes care of my sickly grandma.the money he sends me for upkeep is barely reliable and forces me to live on a very limited budget.I want to get out of this hole am trapped in and if possible to be able to help my dad wherever possible.i like working in levels so id prefer to find an online job that enables to earn atleast 200 dollars a week,this would be very enough for me.
    And by the way Mike your videos are very inspiring,keep up with the good work and may God bless you.

  • stacie Lawrence

    hi i really need to earn some money.. i have two very young kids who i love very much and want the best life for us.. have not had the best upbringing and i want to live the high life.. i am fed up of been on benifits i want money!!! i wants happiness! i want things that i can only dream of. please help me.. i dont have any money and i think its my turn for happiness!

    • stacie Lawrence

      i want to make 2000 a week !

      • stacie Lawrence

        i am not a quiter!!!

        • stacie Lawrence

          i am determind and ready for this no matter how long it takes im a hard worker please me a chance to make my family better!

  • nader dilmani

    hello michael. i would like to make $10,000 a month because i have tried other web jobs and they weall scams. i am very hard-working and i promise that i will do the best that i can.

  • nader dilmani

    hello michael. i would like to make $10,000 a month because i have tried other web jobs and they weall scams. i am very hard-working and i promise that i will do the best that i can.

  • Dee Cooper

    I want to make thousands of dollars. I want to establish a foundation for my future self

  • Randall Bond

    I was unconscious in the hospital when my step siblings (decades older) got a court order giving the medical and financial control of me. The withheld meds and nearly caused my death 3 times. The filed bankruptcy in my name, defaulted on 3 mortgages in my name, sold irreplaceable antiques and electronics, my pets and even my clothing. They had me evicted from my final homes. They will not send me a dime. And, even sold my dentures while rerouting my retirement check to my step brother nearly 3 thousand miles away. If I cannot make money here, I am doomed. I need 10,000 dollars per month at least. I must replace EVERYTHING they stole from me.

  • Trashawn Davenport

    5 to 10k a month 26 army vet serious about growing my brand

  • Trashawn Davenport

    How to generate more website traffic & grow brand?

  • TD

    What are your goals?
    My goal is to become financially secure for the first
    time in many years of living below the poverty line.

    How much do you want to make?
    I would like to begin earning $3,000.00 per month and
    I would like to see that happen by the end of June 2018.

    Why do you want to make that much?
    I would like to make $3000.00 per month to start so
    that my monthly expenses will be met and surpassed.

    What will that get you that you don’t have now?
    The $3000.00 per month will buy . . . health. I will
    be able to buy healthy food and other essential items
    that will provide a better quality of life.

    It will also allow me to have money to invest into
    building a business online in order to reach further
    financial goals which I plan on doing with great speed
    once my initial financial goal is met.

    Once that is accomplished I will be in the position to
    not only help myself but to help others as well which
    I believe is really what it is all about.

    Thank you for this opportunity Michael.

  • Trevor Robinson

    I would love to be making like 10 to 20k a month I am 20 years old and I am very ambitious about making money online I really want to start my own business but I dont have time because of my full time job working crazy hours to do this would be perfect help me I am very very excited and ready to do this I want to start my own youtube channel and grow it and be a vlogger while growing my own personal brand.

  • Ashley

    ….I just need money, everyone needs money.


    I want to make 3000.00+ a week. I want to make money online so I can stay home. Since I began my current job 4 years ago the stress has really been hard on my health. I want to be home with my kids, and be able to provide for them wealth. This would also allow more time for me and my husband to be together. I don’t want to have to worry about bills anymore. I want to live. I want some fresh air during the day and not be trapped in a cubicle.

  • Clester Lovelace

    Hello, I am here because I need help with connecting with my inner self. I am facing some hard issues in life right. I have to get a new car and have some other things to payoff. I am tried of living paycheck to paycheck. I want to make change for myself and explore my opportunities. I would like to earn an income starting off at 5000 a month gradually to a 100,000. I am excited to start this journey!

  • Michael

    Tired of being in debt and not being able to give my family a comfortable lifestyle, I figure that with serious graft if I can earn £600 a week that’s all a would need to make a significant change to our life and free me up to spend precious time with my kids away from long hours and bulls##t pay.

  • Cynthia

    What I want? Well, what I really want is to quit feeling like I’m helpless. I had to quit my job of five years due to medical reasons. I loved getting up every morning just to see how much fun work would be today. I want to make enough money to take care of my two children. My husband works and pays for everything, but it’s hard to do sometimes. I want to provide for my family, like a mother should do. I’m so tired of crying myself to sleep worrying about how are we going to pay all of our bills, or how am I going to get food on the table. My two children deserve more than that. My goal would be, to make at least $1000 a week or even a month. I just need some help. I’ve been scammed before, so I’m a little skeptical about this also. I hope this is real, I pray this is real. I just want to wake up one morning and not worry about bills. I would love to buy a house, or take my family on a vacation. Please, help me become financial burden free. Thanks, Michael for your time .

  • Cody Ogle

    Hey Michael,
    I just recently lost my job, and it was a hard blow to my family. I want to give my 2 kids a better life and I’m running out of ways to do it. I have no college background so I lose out to people who do. I want to make the kind of money you make, where my kids and wife can have everything I never did growing up!

  • joshua

    Hello Michael, My name is Joshua. I had stumbled across your site via Google (SEO) & the reason that I am here leaving you this message, is because I am like the other 96.4% of individuals, that wish to find a way to earn an income online. The reason I say earn money and not make money, is simply due to the reason that the only people that make money work in a mint, the rest of us have to earn it. Now… as I get around to answering your question about why I am here and how much I am seeking to earn. The truth is Michael, I do not have a set cap in mind about how much money I would like to earn but a solid answer is 6 to 7 figure income per year. The reason I am here is because, I cant get from here to there unless I know where here is and where there is. So with that being said, I am trusting that we can work together on building the community and wealth that you seek, as well as the foundation I need. With the discipline, dedication, willingness that I hold and the desire for progress that I keep as a central principle in my life, I am excited about what you might be able to teach me. please feel free to send me a message with anymore questions. cheers

    • I want you better in life disabled don’t make enough money so my wife carries heavy load I like you to give her the things that I started out doing need a bigger house want to take back my position and being head of a house

      • I’m here to learn how to make money

        • I would love to make $3,500 a week I’m tired of being the last one to get there I’m not a quitter I want to go forward in life

  • Desirae

    Hey Michael!

    I’m tired of working 6 days a week as a LMT, it can be very stressful. I want to make at least a few grand more a week so that I’m able to put aside half and use the rest to get into my own place because currently I am helping a quadriplegic at night and don’t get much sleep before I have to get up early for work the next day. I only have one night off from working with him and one day off from work because that’s all I can afford to do. I want to have more freedom, to travel and experience life to the fullest whereas right now I’m in not…

  • Chris

    Wanna earn money to get my life straight and move. To many issues where i live now. Would like to earn somewheres around $2000 a week or more.

  • Im tired of being broke all the time,not having extra money to have on hand in case of emergencys.I want to be able to spend time with my family and not have no financial worries anymore.Im wanting to make at least 500 to 1000 in a couple of weeks.If i make more then great,i want complain at all.

  • Jalen White

    I just want to be stress free. I’m only 20 years old but all my past jobs have not cut it for me. I just want to travel the world and not be stuck in my parents house forever. I want this because this seems way more enjoyable than any other job that you have to clock in at a certain time and follow someones orders that will not get you anywhere in life

  • Travis Peterson

    I am tired of people getting rich off of my work.

  • Sheri London

    I have a baby on the way, my job barely makes it from week to week. Im only 29 and I have debt that needs to be cleared, car is up for repo, my wife can’t depend on me to take care of bills. I just can’t do it on my income. I worked 10 years went to school and im still struggling. Please help

  • Michel

    I am a retired sick person who need a lot of medicine to live.
    If I earn $6000.+ a month, it would pay my debts and set me free.
    Thank so much Michael!

  • Jeff

    To free from paycheck to paycheck prison!!!

  • David Humphreys

    I am here doing this so that I can earn upwards of £2000 per month. Current financial situation extremely dire and really need to work at something that actually works and pays off. My motivation is my beautiful soul mate who I want to have enough money to bring to live with me in UK.

  • Shaquaya Williams

    I am a single parent of 2 and a stay at home with government assistance. I want to make 2000 a week or better but overall i want to make a killing. Im tired of living on a budget im young and i want to live.

  • maurice

    I would like to make $1,500 a week. I am a hard worker and will do it if it’s successful.

  • Adam Mcgregor

    Hi, I have tried several online opportunity’s, and haven’t found one that I resonate with yet, but will never stop looking. I know the Wright opportunity is out there for me, I hope Michael you can help me create the future and life style we all so greatly deserve. A life of financial freedom, freedom of choice in how we spend our time. I would need $20,000 to $50,000 a month to live life the way I want, and help friends and family.

  • Brady

    I would like to make $2,000 a week. I am a hard worker and will do it if it’s successful.

  • Destiny Mack

    I would like to earn $5,000-$12,000 a week reason being is that I want to be so financially stable that I won’t worry when payday is. I want to pay off all my debts, I want to improve my credit score, I also want to have enough money set aside for my daughter to go to college . I don’t want her to have to settle, what if she doesn’t get a scholarship I want to make sure my family is taken care of where we don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck… and addition to that I just want to enjoy my family, working long hours by the time I get home I’m tired, and then on weekends we barely do things cause I’m trying to catch up on sleep that I lost during the week.. I want to generate income and not worry about calling to ask for an extension to pay off a bill.

  • Erin Moseley


  • Mikel Poole

    Hello Michael,
    I would like to earn as much as possible. I dont believe that there is a limit/cap that i want to set. If i did that then i would be ok when i reach my cap and to be honest that simply wouldnt be true. I have two kids, living check by check, with no way out. My bill pile keeps growing but my success pile stays the same. I need to supply my family with the life I know they deserve, and with my current finances, thats just not possible. I have tried multiple ways to make money, Im hoping you can give me the tools i need to be a successful person for my family.

    Sincerely, Mikel Poole

  • AHarouna

    I would like to earn anywhere from 5k – 10k a month and go up from there. Tired of working the usual 40 hr a week job

  • AHarouna

    I’ve been fighting serious health issues and lost my FT income. I finally started getting better but my pockets are not better. It’s time to be my own boss and make money so I can take care of my family. I dont want to keep living paycheck to paycheck. It’s insanity. My goal is to earn anywhere from 5k – 10k a month and go up from there

  • mary rose capulong

    i dont have websit i dont know how to make one im not a computer genious but please really i need to make online money help pleas

  • Steve

    I am poor and destitute. My relationship with my family has not been very good. Money has always been a sore topic. A topic which I have become quite fed up with and wish to turn around. MyCashFreebies is a godsend. With a financial plan like this, I can finally become independent of a need to rely on abusive and controling people, as well as be able to use this money to buy educational materials of my own so that I can be able to decide what kind of genuine lifestyle and career, NOT a mundane “job”, is best for me.

  • Heidi

    I promote Thrive and I love it! I want to share it more and make more money!! Help me!!!! Please 🙂

  • Gaofenngwe

    Hi, I am a gymnast and as you know sports and all the travelling costs a lot so I just need the money to buy the things needed and also to buy some clothes, go out anytime I want and not struggle to do these things because of money. I live in South Africa so about $500-$700 will certainly do it for me per month and I believe with your training, I WILL SUCCEED.

  • Gaofenngwe

    Hi, I am a gymnast and as you know sports and all the travelling costs a lot so I just need the money to buy the things needed and also to buy some clothes, go out anytime I want and not struggle to do these things because of money.

  • Thomas

    Hi Michael,I have been struggling daily for the last 5 years researching for the best,real and lucrative ways to make atleast $500-$2000 online daily.And today I googled(searched)for”legit free automated money making system”and your site appeared on top(no.1) of google search.Please Michael how best can you help me to achieve my goal?If possible show me how I can begin making money today – be my Mentor.I’m ready to join under you as soon as possible! Regargs, Thomas Okwir

  • Sharlene

    I am 24 years old a mother of two little one’s. I am so depressed because im not where i need to be in life. I live n a bad area. I want to give my more than i ever had. Im in to online marketing n willing to invest to get greater out. I am looking to make 2,000 a month so i can quit my job. And really beable to put more time into my kids n travel.

  • Skeezo

    My financial life is a mess and I cannot keep up with paying my monthly installments with the salary that I am earning.I want to provide a home for my wife and kids and have savings that will take care for my wife and kids should I be gone one day.I am HIV+ and living on medication, I want my kids to be able to afford every step of their education years should I pass-on,so please help me extra money online….

  • Josh

    I would like to make some extra money, my wife is unable to work and it is very hard to support a family of four with one income! I would love to make an extra $2000 a month or more, that way we could live comfortably, and i could buy a house for my family. Id be able to give my kids everything they deserve!
    Thanks for taking the time to read my message! Josh

  • Rose

    I want to make money because I am a stay at home mom with two toddlers. I resigned from my job to take care of them, its not easy for me to do it for i am supporting my no income battered wife mother who was not given support from my father who has a pension.
    I want to earn $30,000 a month if GOD is willing because i want to build a decent house for her. She is living with my poor brother and I want to give her 10,000x more than my father took away from her. I also want to finish our house coz its not easy living with inlaws. I hope u an give me ur guidance sir. Thanks GOD bless

  • dani

    I am tired of having to think carefully about what I can buy and afford. I want to have enough money to have nice clothes, things and go on vacation.

  • Tony Hernandez

    I am 18 years old I’m working hard to earn my diploma which I am supposed to receive in a few months. I’ve been living on my own since 15 when my father first kicked me out because of our constant head butting. I went to 5 shelters 2 foster homes and 27 different friends homes before making it to my now permanent home with my best friend. It’s hard to make any real money especially in small towns like my own where there’s few to no jobs to begin with . I have a dream of going o college because I can afford to and being able to prove my family wrong. I’ll be the first in the family to ever graduate along with go to college and make a living. Which they all said I wouldn’t do. I would love to get the opportunity to make some money and possibly a carreer out of this I would appreciate a message back and possibly some more information about taking this to the next step thank you !

  • Morgan

    I am a stay at home mother of two toddlers. I have no vehicle, we live in a small 2 bedroom apartment with 4 people total. It’s difficult finding babysitters or daycare that we can afford. We have debt that needs to be paid off and I am desperate and eager to begin making money with you.

  • AV

    I want to make more money to pay off all my debts! I am sick of not having enough for vacation, for clothes, for going out, for LIVING. I live with my daughter and mom ! I NEED A CHANGE !

  • Alexis

    I am an Assistant Manager at a retail store and has to work most holidays, put up with the most stressful situations and still try to make time for family and school. I would love to be able to make money from wherever I am and on my own schedule. I’ve always been so ambitious and ready for money to come to me but I can never seem to find my place. I would love to create a wonderful life for myself and update from my apartment to a 5 story house and get a nice silver Porsche or a car I can be proud to say is mine. I’m self motivated and know that I can do this. This is another step towards a wealthy life for myself .

  • Eren

    I want to make money because iam tired of living day by day, iam just 24 Years and study in germany, i have all to survive but i want more, always checking the prices is annoying… Or going out with Friends is also a Problem…
    I want to make a big change !
    Make my life better !
    And i never want to be worryed what to eat tomorow anymore.
    Atleast 600€ in a month is my First goal and i belive in your help.
    The rest i can handle myself !

  • Matthew McConnell

    I am a terminally disabled man of 30 years age who’s just married my soul mate, my 58 year young wife. Between the two of us, we have separate families that are also in my plan to help, and because I love my wife, her family, my own relatives as well as two young grand daughters who rely on their papa for so much. I have spent the better part of the last 14 years trying to secure and activate a continuously re occurring income, as the other side of my life is delved in my own works of charity. I have been through all walks in a short time on earth, from a happy childhood, to the loss of my mother at the age of 9. By age 14, I was blind in my left eye, and being diagnosed as born HIV positive. Through out the previous 20 years, my mind was in turmoil, chaos and heartache altered my sense of reality, even splitting my personality into several different people. I am extremely poverty stricken, and my wife works as a house keeper for a hospital that treats her like garbage. I am taking a leap of faith in this, and ask that you continue to send me these emails as this is the most important time investing I’ve ever undergone. I thank my Lord for directing me to you, and you again for being available to coach me through, as I am currently preparing a list of programs, adding this one to the fold.

  • miguel

    because I want to change life. It’s not easy to live being poor . I want to provide mi family and kids a brighter future and for once make my little daughter proud of me

  • miguel

    I want to make money because I want to change life. It’s not easy to live being poor . I want to provide mi family and kids a brighter future and for once make my little daughter proud of me

  • nguyenbangoc

    the reason I want to make money, I want to change my life difficult, and I want to do it more. I could have the money to care for family me.I can work long hours on the computer without fatigue, depressed:
    hope you help me

  • nguyenbangoc

    I really want to find an online business, but I’m still trying to find and I think that this is the website that can help me. I find it great. look forward to his help

  • Philip

    Apart from hating my job, there’s a child in my street who was blinded in an accident me and my wife would love to help the family out financially but we’re not in a position to at the moment. If i can earn an extra 2000 a month that would help them out and hopefully lay the ground work for a better income for my family.
    Looking forward to the journey.

  • Larry

    Why i want to join money making online is to spend more times to my family to my lovely wife and kids playing around at my home. To buy new house for my family that my family ambition ever that i never to give…im a simple man only 10 hours a day to go to work 6x a week, sometime i dont have time to my wife and kids to talk.. because my aim is to give there needs…thats why im always to work. Ang my goal is simple life only to pay my cridit card, bills, own boss, my target in life is rich out my vission and hold my goal.

    Now i earn money but not enough for my family, i want to change the style of my income i want to build my on business that can sustain my dreams.

    Please hepl me to teach how to earn money online. .


  • erica

    I want to earn money for a living. Im a youbg parent and my dad can’t support us with everything we need. I just want to help my family and support my baby

  • Zabariah

    I like to have my own financial freedom, I’m staying with my youngest son. But he’s also struggling to meet ends meet. As a mom, I want to help him. But he won’t allow me to do so,because I myself is not healthy. He prefer me to rest and takes thing lightly. Three of my children have married, the other three included him still single. I love to surf the internet other than that I like to read too. I tend to know Mycashfreebies when I looking for how to make money online.

    So I was thinking, if this system which is simple and easy to follow, I might make some money and indirectly help my son to add extra income and also to pay my own medicines. All this while, he’s being doing that on his own. And he never grumble because he said that part of his responsibilities. I hope with my involvement in this system I might change our struggling life for the better. He can continue his study which he had stopped because of my illness and for taking care of me.

  • Nina

    I am so sick and tired of not having the money for a family vacation, being in debt, living paycheck to paycheck, not being able to afford medical and dental procedures for my family, working all odd hours in retail sales, not being able to pay for my kids sports activities and so on. There doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of this tunnel. I want quality time with my husband and three kids. I have missed so much of my kids growing up in the past years. I am tired and don’t feel well. I want to make at least 8000 a month or more. I need a change for my whole family.

  • otgoo

    hi I want to earn money please help me

  • Tiffany Greene

    Hey. I really want to work from home. Right now I’m a stay at home mom of four kids all under 5 years old. My husband if the only one working and thats part time. We are stretching ever paycheck we get. We live in government housing and I would love to bring in an extra income. So we can get our own house so the kids can play outside. Were we live the neighbor hood is bad, so we stay inside all the time. I would devote any time I had to learn what I need to know to make a better life for my family.

  • Alanna

    I truly desire to help my family. My mom is a single mother with three kids who is desperately trying to put me through college on her own. I want to help her in any way I can while still doing my best in college and that means I can’t have multiple jobs. I hope this will finally make this dream happen.

  • Borsos mark

    Hi! My name is borsos mark,from hungary! I want to earn money,because im strugling! Im work for a month 400 hours,only for 450 usd! And the funny thing,im lost my home before 4 months,because prime minister orban viktor stole my money,and i dont have the money to support my family!

  • IYKE

    I want to do this for my family. I hate seeing them struggle. I also have no money to go further in my education and it would be great to have some extra income of at least $300-$800 weekly to finance the needs of my family and education.

  • JOHN

    I am here because I am unemployed and I am going to be homeless in 10 days. My short term goal is to make enough money before winter to rent a place to live. My long term goal is to make enough money with this program to support my family and not have to make someone else rich off of my labor while I worry about day to day survival.

  • Phenece Madden

    I’m a single mother of four and I would like to be home with them more and make money at the same time to make ends meet. It’s kind of difficult to work 40 hrs a week with four children who get home at different times and my youngest gets home first. I don’t have daycare and he’s 11 yrs old. I hate to be late for work or have to leave early due to an issue that may happen at my children’s school which happened more often than normal when I was working. This opportunity will help me tremendously.

    • Phenece Madden

      I would like to make at least $1000 a week

  • Alexis

    I’m doing this because I’m afraid of losing my job

  • Hathanh

    Hi! I am from Vietnam. I like to traveling and I have spent days to looking for a job where I can do my hobby and work at the same time, then I found your blog. I know this is which can make my dream come true. I’m not the best but I always do my best in everything that I do. Hope you can help me! Thank you

  • raven

    The reason I’m doing this us because I want to provide for my mom she barley has enough money to live she is is debt badly and I’m living with her because I can’t get a job because the town live in Is small and no one is hiring and I just want to get my mom a nicer house and I want to move me and her out of this town

  • deja

    I want to do this for my mom. I hate seeing her struggle. I also have no money for college and it would be great to have some extra income to save up for school.

  • Aurimas

    So I’m looking for about 100 dollars a month not even sure. Just to get something for my own 🙂 Or donate to charity.

  • Luciano lepar

    The reason I’m doing this us because I want to provide for my mom she barley has enough money to live she is is debt badly and I’m living with her because I can’t get a job because the town live in Is small and no one is hiring and I just want to get my mom a nicer house and I want to move me and her out of this town

  • Dan

    I am so tired of the day to day run of the mill . I’m tired of never getting ahead . I want to take my family where ever I want to , not worry about how much it is . I would love to make $ 30,000. a month or more . I just want to do what I want to do , when I want to .

  • dawn

    I want to be able to provide for my family and spend time with them. I’ve been looking for work but a 9-5 isn’t going to cut it. I take care of all the bills by myself and i’m barely making enough to do so.

  • Charles

    I’m a 30 yr old Hispanic from Pa and I’ve spent my whole life trying to figure out my life’s purpose. I’ve been diagnosed with epilepsy amongst other mental illnesses since I was 17 yrs old. I’ve tried so hard to work with what I’ve had, but just recently I’ve had to go on disability and being that I’ve worked since I was 14 it was definitely not for the best. I have been in so many career field that I could right a book yet deep down I know that what I’ve learned was just to prepare me for my life’s true calling… I hope this is it? I’ve waited too long and gone thru so much and I really want to provide a future for my son n daughter. I need this for not only my future, but my family’s as well. Please don’t prove me wrong…

  • matt

    I am here to change my life and further my education and to be financially stable to live my life comfortably in this world

  • Paola

    I need to earn more money to pay off credit card debts, currently I can hardly make it from paycheck to paycheck at a job I don’t enjoy but can’t afford to leave. I really hope this works because it seems like there are so many scams out there for making money online. I live in Chile.

  • garrett

    Im here because I can’t take working 50+ hours a week and barely have $80 left to myself. So long story short I’m here to free myself from my dead end job and to have more freedom.

  • Monette

    In November I was forced to file for disbility through my job since I had been on Family medical leave since August. I was stressed and depressed with life. On my sons birthday was looking for something to bring me out of the hole I was in not only mentally but also financially. I happened to find a Facebook ad that seemed to be the answer to so many things in my life. Being the skeptic I was I was unsure about putting money into a comoany and product I never heard anything about before. After researching for a month and a half and reading all the Le-vel Facebook testimonials and thinking about my New Years resolution I couldn’t help but tell myself there’s only one way to find out if it will do anything for me like the thousands of others it has and that is to order a month supply. On December 28th I ordered my thrive experience and joined as a promoter to find out myself. That was the best decision I could have made. It literally has changed my life. Me and my husband are both promoters and it has changed both of our lives as well as our kids because of its effect on us. In January me and my husband both hit our vip bonuses and earned a Las Vegas trip, I earned my iPad and hit 4k while my husband was about $500 short from hitting his 4K. We achieved this through sharing our experience with family friends and Facebook. But mostly those that joined our team was thorugh Facebook posting in groups. Since January I’ve earned 4K in March and looks like I’m about on target to earn that again in April. My husband has yet to reach that. In March it was me and my husbands goal to reach 12K in March and April to qualify for the Cancun trio. Well again we were short in March. So this month since we didn’t reach 12 K again it was my goal. This is of course our short terms goals since we both need new vehicles and this will allow us to get the autobonus to help with that or take the $300 and invest into my husbands vehicle as some major maintenance and repairs need to be done.
    Prior to November we were already living paycheck to oaycheck and since then it has been even harder to make the money stretch. Hard to do when almost 3500 a month was completely cut out. I am doing better than I excerpted with Le-Vel but it’s not where I want to be. I want to live the life I deserve and give my kids what they also deserve. My goal with Le-vel is to be able to make enough money to pay all of our bills off, to have money available to do things as a family, take vacations regularly, give to those organizations that I believe in, have money to be able to sell my house and build my dream home, be able to travel when I please to help someone in need or to spend time with loved ones or make memories that my kids will never forget. I have a business and a product that I’m passionate about and believe in. I just need the tools as you stated to help me reach my goals and that I in turn can share with my team to help them reach their goals. I never want money to be the reason I can’t do something I want, or can’t do that I wished I could do to help someone else out, or give to a charity. I have seen great results be consistent in posting on my personal Facebook oage but I believe it’s time I need to go somewhere that will give me the tools and coach me to be successful in creating capture pages and blogs and landing pages and getting them seen when people search Google, yahoo, or whatever other search engine. I can see and envision me and my husband being successful but I want to be successful as fast and effective as I can be without having to go about it the long route. I want the short version but one that will be affordable. Because as I said money is tight and I’m am sick and tired of having no money and having to tell people no because of lack of funds. I hope you can really help out and be an answer to my families prayers.

  • Cassidy

    I want to make extra income along side my small buisiness. Im wanting a bigger house for my family and stop living on a small buget and to contunue having my wife working as a home maker. We have dreams for us and our childeren too that we want to see realized.

  • Fabode Abigael

    I am a University graduate that do not get a job and having 3 children with strong labour for caring that is why am looking for wayout to get extra income.

  • jessica

    I want to make money online so i can help pay bill and take care of 1 yr old at the same time. I want to be able to make enough money to give my kids everything they need and if something breaks down its fixed and get back to normal life

  • sophie

    have 7 year old whom is disabled and so much money on meds and thungs for him none to spare


    the reason why i am here is to change my life and to build and support the needs of my family. because on my present job the salary is not enough and it causes troubles in which my wife almost give up on our relationship due to financial crisis, i really doing my best to supply their needs but its not enough i cant even supply myself alone .. hope this method works and please guide us to the steps that will change our life.. btw im from philippines

  • md

    am here to make money and to change my life.

    • How much money do you want to make and how fast do you want your life to change?

      It is not going to automatically happen…. Set a goal and deadline and work towards it. Wishing for it will never help you.

  • Nathan Paulse

    I’m here for one reason and one reason only, I want to make money. I recently lost my job and had to move back to my old house in Cape Town. My house in Johannesburg is busy being reposessed. I cannot afford to lose my second property as well.

  • nurul

    This is the 3rd day and night i’ve been searching for how to making money online. i want to find another source of income besides working normal hour. i have a son and im a single mother. i need extra income for a better life but i still can spend lots of time with my son.

  • Cyndi Dotson

    I never got to stay home when I was raising my daughters , now I am raising my granddaughter. It takes a lot of money.Iwant my own house for her to grow up in and not be moved around. Renting is wrong you loose money.Ihave poor heath at the moment ,I need medical,that takes money. I do not want to live this way no more.We live pay check to pay check , I want that to stop.We can not pay are bills now.I need to do something soon.

    • Thanks For sharing Cyndi…
      Stay focused, Determined and Committed. Keep following along you are in the right place at the right time with the right people. If you have any questions or need help feel free to contact me any time and I will be here to help you.

  • scott

    Im here because its time for change ..its time to stop working so hard for so little …i honestly feel this may be the solution. My goal is to own my own home and stop paying rent .i would like to have a nicer car ,a bigger tv and to live a better life . i would like to acheive this in 3 yrs if possible these are my goals and im the only one who can do this .

    • Hey Scott

      Thanks for sharing.. One word of advice. Instead of saying I would like to change than to I AM.. Make it happen no matter what. YOU can do it!

      • MD

        I am here to make my dream come true. i do not want to live from paycheck to paycheck .I would like to improve my education , have my own home and live a better life and help others .

  • The whole reason I am here making money online is because I was sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck working my ass off, day after day, month after month and year after year never getting ahead struggling to live paycheck to paycheck.

    That is what has been pushing me to and my current goal is to reach $30k per month by 2016.

    The reason my goal is $30k per month is because I already shattered my old goals, which was earning more money in my sleep than I can make working 8 hours at a job.

    My next goal I shattered was to make more money in one day online, than I could make working a week at a job.

    My current goal is to make more money in one day online than I can make working an entire month at a job.

    So then my big goal is to make more in one month online than I can make in a entire year working at a job.

    That will give me more time and financial flexibility to do the things I want, when I want where I want. I am also going to invest a portion of that money in to saving and the stock market to have my money make more money. Pay off all my debt, buy my dream waterfront, a brand new diesel pick up a new motorcycle, help my parents pay off their medical bills. (My mom has been fighting cancer) and retire my girlfriend.

    • Javier

      I would like to have an additional income (around 2,000 to 5,000 in the short term). Then I would like to invest that extra money so that I can accomplish long term goals.

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