If you want to work for a boss the rest of your life, that’s your business.

If you want to be your own boss, that’s my business.

I’m going to be your bosses worst enemy…

Let’s just say I’m going to be the worlds best job escape artist in 2020.

We are going to help more and more people, just like yourself escape the rat race, quit their job and live your life on your terms.

Now the serious question is…

Are you going to be one of them?

I mean watch this hilarious video my friend shared with me and how he quit his job. (Just click play)

Warning before you hit play, be prepared to laugh.

How Much Longer Are YOU Going To Keep The Golden Handcuffs Locked From Achiving Your Dreams And Goals?

Isn’t it time we all stopped pretending it’s worth it, to sacrifice our health, relationships and family life for a job just to make money…


You’ve probably been told that you just need to have a good job, show up each day to put your 8 hours in and life will work out just fine.

You’ve probably been indoctrinated with this idea that happiness comes from having money and a lucrative career.

And you’ve probably worked really over the years hard to climb the corporate ladder to earn that big fat paycheck.

And now, sitting on your comfy little rung of the corporate ladder, you start questioning yourself.

Was this what I really wanted, expected and worked so hard to achieve?

The TRUTH is….

Most people sacrifice their health to make money and then lose their money trying to regain their health.

Is this how you want your life to end up?

What would your life look like in the next 5-10 years?

You have no control of your schedule.

Your health is an afterthought.

Your relationships are strained.

This isn’t the happy, fulfilling life you were promised.

You haven’t been to the gym or worked out  in years… (and it shows)

You eat whatever’s available (which is a lot more fast food than you’d care to admit)

You see your significant other just a couple hours a night, if that.

It seems like the only time you get to spend any time together is on a Sunday evening.

You spend more time watching your kids hit milestones from a video then you do in person.

Work has consumed every other area of your life.

“But the benefits are so good,” you might say…

“I’m making good money,” you may think…

But at the end of the day…

How much is it actually costing you to make money?

How often does your spouse or partner look at you and say, “I miss you.”

That familiar feeling of guilt tightens up your chest, and you justify yourself.

I have to work like this to provide for my family.

I don’t have time for a side business, I need to make money, so I can pay my bills.

We wouldn’t be able to afford this house/car/boat if I weren’t at this job.

Lemme ask you this:

Is it really worth it to keep sacrificing everything else in your life just so you can make money?

Isn’t there a better way?

Is this really all there is?


Where you can work half the time and make more than you do now.

Where you can pick up, take a vacation and travel to anywhere in the world, without worrying about asking for vacation time because you ARE the boss.

Where you can spend a couple hours a day at the gym without feeling guilty.

Where you can travel at a moment’s notice and stay where you want, not where you can afford.

If you’ve got kids, imagine hanging out with them in the middle of the day during the week.

Where you don’t have to wait until Saturday to see your kids in the daytime.

No more long hours, obnoxious commutes, and gut-wrenching guilt you feel when you miss your kid’s sports games yet again…

Imagine quitting the job you think is stupid (but pays well and keeps you trapped).

And discovering a greater purpose for your life than working a 9-5.

This is a rare, exquisite, and exclusive lifestyle that is getting more and more popular as the technology improves and the economy worsens.

And I’ll warn you…

Getting there is not easy. It takes hard work. Tough, mental grit. A resilient attitude.

Luckily, I’ve done most of the hard work for you.

I’ve made huge mistakes. Lost friends. Lost money. Cried lots of tears.

And I’ve learned a lot that I’m passing on to you.

And I’ve spent the last few years distilling everything I’ve learned into automated, scalable systems to make this incredibly simple for you to implement.

If you’re ready to discover the keys to slipping off your golden handcuffs and creating a life on your terms…

Then read on…


You can either continue working the job you probably don’t like, making decent-but-not-amazing money while the rest of your life passes you by…

You can take action to design your life, build a lifestyle you love, and create wealth for yourself and your family.


You don’t need to sacrifice your health, family life, or relationships just to make money so you can escape the golden handcuffs that are keeping you trapped in a job you may not even like, and is preventing you from truly enjoying your life.

If you continue to do what you have always done, you will only continue to get what you always got.

As my coach would always say… Don’t just stand there, do something…

If you ready to do something about your life, I want you to click the button below go through my Dream Builders Guide that will explain everything in full detail.

You Will Discover How Hardworking People Are Starting There Own Business Online And Leaving Their Old Careers Behind For Good…

Grab my dream builders guide right now, print it out and follow along. Just click the button below and it’s yours.

Learn the FASTEST method to replace your full-time income working remotely from your laptop. PERIOD.

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✔️ All this and much more…

By the end of this guide, you will have a clearly outlined plan for what you want out of your life, and an actionable plan for how to get there.

Then, you just have to work the plan.

I’ve spent the last few years mentoring students on the most streamlined path for starting and scaling a profitable business online for years to come.

Instead of just teaching, I’ve decided to pull back the curtains, letting students see behind-the-scenes of how to build an online business and work toward their dreams by following my dream builders guide.

 I’m going to show you how to leverage the tools available on the internet to build a real and reliable online business. Right Now!

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I explain all this is my Dream Builders Guide.

and I can guarantee you that what you learn will change your life.

Make the rest of your life, the best of your life.

Hi there! I’m Michael Pruiksm and I’m so pleased that you took the time to check out my “Dream Builder Guide”…

I Started My Own Online Business Online Back In 2012 In The Corner Of A Spare Bedroom In My Parents House With An Old Laptop And A BIG Dream!

However, I’m not one of those guys that likes to hype anything up, so I will tell you the truth.

I know that if I can just help you earn an extra $1,000 per month, that can be a life changing thing for most people and some of you want to make that in a week or even a day.

Your dreams may even be bigger than mine were. (which I will tell you more about in just a minute)

What I will tell you for sure is that there is a RIGHT Way to build a long term residual income online successfully and there is a WRONG way.

You can GO FAST or you can GO SLOW.

The Difference will boil down to a few things:
1. Your effort and willingness to take action on what you learn.
2. The tools, systems and business models you use.
3. Your Mentorship and who you align with to help you on your journey.

My intention with this dream builders guide is to show you exactly the tools, resources and business models I use to make my dreams come true, sooner than later, and if you do what I share, you will be well on your way building your dreams too….

So with that being said……

It all started with a Dream.

Let me share with you how it all started.

I was working at a lawn care job for 7 years, doing the same thing day after day, week after week and year after year and was getting burnt out working from dawn till dust and when it was hot, cold, raining and snowing.

I just got sick and tired of always being exhausted and needed to make a change.

I was working as hard as I could for a paycheck that barely got me through week to week.

I was working hard at helping someone else build their dream.

Back in 2012 I was thinking to myself at work doing something I really didn’t want to do and asked myself if this is what I wanted to continue to do for the rest of my life…


I began thinking about the future if I kept working at the that job and I could just picture myself in 10-15 years and all I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel…

I was just wasting my time at some mediocre job that I was working just hard enough not to get fired and I making just enough to come back and show up day after day with nothing to look forward too was the weekend.

I needed a to make a change…

I started to think of a different way I could make money than working at a job. (Just Over Broke) for the rest of my life.

So I began looking for new solutions!

I wanted to be my own boss and build my own business with no employees, no stores, no over head.

When you hardly have any over head and expenses, your profit margin is A LOT more.

I figured if I worked as hard as I do at my job, for myself I could make a lot more money and have more time to enjoy the finer things life.

But I didn’t want it to be another job that consumed all my time and energy.

I began searching the internet for opportunities to pursue because I was sick of working at a job and was in desperate need of a change.

After weeks of searching around the world wide web, I discovered online marketing and how I could create an income online, by leveraging tool and automated sale systems to build a secondary income stream all from my laptop a few hours a night before.

I had NO idea what to do or how to do it.

After trying everything I though would work, I started doing my own research and learning from people who were doing BIG things to get ideas and motivation to keep trying and not give up.

I needed to make a change, so I spend hours reading blogs, watching training and motivational videos.

Attending live online webinars, seminars and events, and I also started reading books to improve my thinking and get new ideas and information I could use to improve my own life to make future improvements.

Since then I’ve developed my own secret online strategies that worked better than I ever thought was possible.

To reach that level though, I had to purchase tons of products and training to get myself in position where I could generate enough income to replace my full-time job and work full-time on building my own dream.

Here is some good news..

You won’t have to spend a fortune on all kinds of products and tools if you just stick to the ones that I recommend you use, because they work.

I have tested and proven what works and what doesn’t over the years so you don’t have to waste any time or money just follow the instruction and learn how to master them.

I also update my recommendations as I test and figure out the best new strategies and techniques that are working now so you won’t be left behind.

With my new-found Business opportunity, I quickly started to double and even triple the money I was making at that lawn care  job, working just a few hours online each night.

$2,700 in a week, working online a few hours, from home on my laptop in my favorite lazy-boy recliner seemed better than working my life away at a job I didn’t like or wasn’t excited to go everyday to barely make $1,000 every two weeks.

This was all possible by learning a few skills and leveraging tools and systems to sell products online, to people who want to buy them.

Now I get to spend more time with my wife, family and friends doing thing I really enjoy doing.


Relaxing on tropical beaches.

Snorkeling in the coral reef.

Driving dune buggies exploring tropical islands

Having fun on party boats in Punta Cana

Hanging out on the beach with wild horses.

Doing more of the fun and exciting things we want to do and less of the things we don’t.

For me, life is all about fun, family and freedom.

My business is part of my legacy I am building now, for my family later on so they don’t have to work themselves to death at some dead-end job.

Something that would have never been possible without the information I’m about to share with you, right here, right now.

In this special guide you’ll learn the Critical Tools and Concepts that we continue to use to make this happen.

By the way, you can always learn more about me over on my on my website – just CLICK HERE.

Enough about me….

Let’s get into the dream builders guide.

The Right Business Model Will Help You GO FAST!

So first things first.

Let’s chat a minute about Business Models and then we will talk about the tools and online systems.

Direct Sales is famous for earning residual income. The idea is to build a team and all of them are selling product and signing up distributors also, which is awesome because you will earn a percentage of all their efforts also.

This is a very attractive proposition with the exception that most MLM Companies pay a very tiny percentage of commissions on low-priced products.

Many companies pay an average of 25% on let’s say, a $75 product, that means your commission is approximately $18.75. To keep the math simple, let’s just assume that you’ve managed to sponsor two people in a month that do the same, and you earn a very small percentage of what they sell… let’s say 10%. That amounts to less than $2!

Please understand that I’m aware that every compensation plan is different, these are just examples to illustrate that if you are selling a low ticket product or business opportunity, you will need to sponsor a lot more people at a time to make a significant amount of income.

Business Model + Smart Strategy = BIG MONEY!

My Secret has been to leverage the power of the MLM business model but using a Smart Business Strategy and aligning with High Ticket Products and leveraging Automated Sales Systems Online.

See, it takes the same amount of energy to sell a $75 product as it does a $1700 product. Yet you can accelerate to $10,000 per month faster if you choose the latter.

Let’s Do The Maths Together Would you rather make 100 sales x $18.75 = $1,875


Would you rather make 1 sale x $1700 = $1700 Better yet, what if you could make it 100 x
$1700 = $170,000

If you want to GO FAST, you need a Business model with a Payment Structure that Accelerates your Income Quickly and does not require you to sponsor a huge number of people.

Systems & Tools 

Now let’s talk a bit about Tools and Systems to Generate Leads And Sales 24-7.

If you want to live a laptop lifestyle, then you have to invest in the tools to help you to collect leads and expose them to your products and services, preferably around the clock!

The Internet never sleeps, and neither do the right systems, so you can still grow your business because YOU need to sleep!

The idea is to allow tools and automated systems to do most of the “heavy lifting” so that you only have to ever really spend time with people who are interested and ready to join you.

If you set your systems up right, you will start to enjoy people contacting you out of the blue, because they’ve already seen the presentation and they just want to hand you their payment, so that they can join your team.

All you have to do is some front end work, but once you do the work, it will keep on working for you and as your team grows so will your residual income and bonuses.

Sounds Like A Dream Come True Right?

Automated Online Sales System

Leveraging an automated system is by far one of the greatest inventions ever created for making money online.

Here is how it works and why you want to have one working for you also.

The first piece of an automated system is a capture page.

This page is designed to separate the prospects that are interested in learning more and the ones who are not.

The people who are not interested simply leave the page and the people who are interested, click the button and have to enter their name and email address to get more information.

When they enter their name and email address in the capture page, that is now considered a lead. Someone who took action and wanting to learn more about the opportunity.

Once they enter their name and email in the capture page two things happen, they will be added to your email autoresponder list and will be sent out emails to give them more information and they will also be directed to the online sales presentation that will explain everything in detail for you about the product or opportunity.

Then a few things will happen.

They like what they watch and are ready to make a purchase and buy what is being sold.

They watched the presentation but still have a few questions before they join.

They are not interested at all and just leave the page.

The autoresponder email messaging system will send out pre-written emails to your leads with more information and links back to the video presentation.

This will save you so much time and aggravation trying to convince people to join that are not interested and focus your time and energy on helping the people who expressed interest and are most likely to join.

Plus, since it is automated its online working for you 24-7-365 if you are at your computer working, traveling, spending time doing things you want to do or even sleeping.

The systems automates 90% of the sales process for you.

The system also has the best step by step training tutorials for getting your capture page seen by the most likely prospects that are ready to buy in just a few minutes after setting up your ad.

This system has EVERYTHING you need to start making money online, right now!

The pro membership has the best getting started training modules I ever seen..

You will also have your own personal coach that will answer all your questions and create a plan of action to reach your goals and dreams ASAP!

There is so much included in this system it’s nuts.

Professionally made high converting capture pages that are proven to get results, ineradicable sales presentation that already produced millions in sales, email follow-up messages that are already written for you, videos and ad text you can start using to start making money right away.

Along with the coaching, weekly live training, and an amazing community you can go to for help, encouragement and advice.

Life changing to say the least.

You just need to check this out, get it and start having it make money for you also.


Email Autoresponder 

I guess this might seem a bit “techie” but having the technology to own your own email list is one of THE most important Assets you will grow in your business.

Imagine having a list of people who have given you PERMISSION to market to them and all you have to do is send ONE email that could generate a ton of sales.

When you build a list of Loyal Subscribers you can, with one email.

  • Notify them of Upcoming Webinars
  •  Share a Saving, special offer or coupon
  •  Sell a Product
  •  Introduce a New Service
  • Recruit New Business Partners
  • Share your latest blog post
  • & So much more

We call this ‘Permission Marketing’ Also Keep in mind, that not everyone is ready to BUY NOW. Your job is to continue to ADD VALUE to your list, sending them your latest Tips, Resources, recommended products or services that could help them, while also making a little money for you.

When a prospect visits your website and decides to enter their email address in exchange for something of value, your Autoresponder will deploy automated emails to your subscribers in the order that they opted in.

So for example, rather than build a bulk email list that you Broadcast and Email to in Gmail for example, an Autoresponder will send out individual emails according to the time that the individual prospect opted in.

You can control the frequency that your prospect receives emails as well.

All you would have to do is load up your autoresponder with 5 follow-up emails that are scheduled to go out daily, with a link to your offer at the end.

This will give you so much more time freedom and flow in your business because your autoresponder can continue to communicate with your prospects, even if you are on the beach or out with your family, or conducting business or travelling.

With all this new technology happening around us all over the world. it is making it easier and easier to the average person start making money online.

Do You Have It What It Takes?

This is the stage that will determine whether you will work to make your dreams come true, or if you will fall by the wayside like many others.

The fulfilment of your dreams comes at a price but, if you just put the work in, and copy what I tell you, you can make your own dreams come true.

Well you don’t have to wait years, as a matter of fact, you can fast track in weeks or months, it’s totally up to you and how hungry you are to Build Your Dream and Make it a Reality Faster.

Now that you know you can make 10 x More Money with a High Ticket
Program, using an online system, connected to an autoresponder and are ready to build your email list to follow-up with your leads.

Here is another truth that is worth mentioning to you (remember, I’m not a hypey guy. I prefer to tell you the way it is rather than pull your chain)

There is a percentage of people who will join your team that will not go far, and there will be people who you meet online who are already committed to their direct sales business and will build a big team.

And here is the best part:

When you provide people the resources they need to make their dreams come true, THEY WILL LOVE YOU FOR IT!

So we are at the end of our ‘Dream Builders  Guide’ Journey and I
hope you’ve learned something you too can start doing today to build your dream lifestyle.

Before we head over to the Resource Section let’s do a Quick Recap:

If you have a dream and you wish to accelerate it faster, build a business that creates freedom so you can do more of what you love, and not worry about finances again , and grow a wildly successful Direct Sales Business from your Laptop, from anywhere in the world… Remember…

1. A High Ticket Program will make More Money with Fewer People and Help You Accelerate Your Income Faster
2. Leveraging an online system that has an automated the sales process that turns interested people into leads and sales.
3. Build your List with An Autoresponder. This way you always have people to market to, and your autoresponder will be a silent faithful workhorse that will email your subscribers, even when you are on vacation or travelling.

Resource Section

These are the tools I use on a daily basis to work smarter and not harder.

The Automated Sales System

Earn BIG Commissions and Accelerate Your Income, Knowledge and Skills.

This is a All-In-One system that has everything you need to get started.

  • High converting capture pages.
  • Pre written email that are sent out to your leads automatically for you.
  • A Great Sales Presentation.
  • Step by step training that will walk you through everything from setting everything up to placing your very first advertisement online.

STOP Waiting and check this out for yourself!!!

Recommended Email Autoresponder

This is the Autoresponder and Email Follow Up System of Champions, I’ve been using since day one and they are very well trusted and reliable!

Start Your Free Trial Today!

Capture new leads, store your leads, organize your leads, segment your list, and follow-up with your leads. all in one place. Try it out for only $1!

Here’s the thing. I have simplified everything with the tools and system I recommend but you still you may find it a bit of a challenge in the beginning since it is all new to you.

Just stay focused and keep follow the training inside the system, they will walk you through everything, step by step.

Make daily progress each day.

Before you go and set up your system, I want you to want this old but great video by a legion in our industry.

Jim Rohn as he explains how getting rich is easy.

WOW! This video is FULL of great knowledge and ideas you too can use to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

I dare you to watch a motivational video every day like this one…

And just see how it impacts your future.

This stuff is NOT hard, you just need to make a commitment to make a small amount of progress each day.

You and your family deserves a better future.

Be a freedom fighter and fight for your dream!!

If you have any questions or need help at any time you can simply contact me and I’d be glad to help.

If this former lawn boy who mowed grass and planted flower with no previous online experience what so ever can do it. I know you can too.


A Dream Keeps You From Wasting Your Life…

You need to have a positive dream that pulls you to greater levels of achievement and accomplishment.

Having a dream gives you future focus, instead of getting preoccupied with the frustrations of present life.

A dream gets you thinking about the possibilities of the future.

Start building your dream, right now!

Yesterday is history, the future is a mystery, right now is a gift that’s what it’s called the present.

Click the Get Access To Get Started!

Cheers to an amazing and abundant future,

Michael Pruiksma

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