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I have some good news and I have some bad news…

Let’s start with the bad news. Before I complete your registration, you MUST confirm your email. It’s easy:

Step 1: Check your email for a message from Michael Pruiksma with the subject “Confirm your subscription.”

Step 2: Click the Aweber Confirmation link in that email.

If you don’t do this RIGHT NOW, you won’t receive anything from me. Why? I do this to weed out fake emails.

Now for the good news…

Once you confirm your email, you’re all set. You’ll gain access to exactly what you requested, and you can get started.

Note: if you don’t receive the e-mail in 5 minutes, check your spam folder. Sometimes spam robots make mistakes and put my e-mails in there. Silly robots.

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  • dr christopher

    can can participate from Nigeria WEST AFRICA

  • jose sanchez

    I was just browsing the internet and I was looking for some home base business I was with one before I got side tracked again never went back to it I’m just kept on browsing in and I just got laid off in like a year and a half ago and I’m looking for work right now just to keep it light keep myself I’m up and about flow and I’m tired of working for paycheck paycheck will be successful in life 47 years old me how to do good life so far a fansite sidetracked but I just meant I’m going to make a commitment to myself that I don’t want to work for anybody else anymore I want to learn as much as possible I’m going to work for somebody for you and a half maybe 2 years the most and I’m just going to learn this business if I can learn his business sooner then I’ll just quit my inlaying regular job and just on my own and I know I could do it I just need encouragement I need action and also I need a commitment from afar

    • Hey Jose,

      We have A LOT in common…. I am glad you are here… Check your email and follow the 4 simple steps. If you have any questions or need help feel free to reach out and contact me. I am here to help you.

  • yousef

    i wold like to try