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Assateague Island wild Horses Were Terrorizing the Tourists

Pictures & Video Of Assateague Island Horses Terrorizing The Tourists.

Wild Horses On Assateague Island Were Terrorizing the Tourists

That’s Right! Assateague Island Horses.

We have WILD Horses On the beach with us at Assateague Island.

They do whatever they want when ever they want.

They also BLOCK traffic!

Wild Horses On Assateague Island Were Blocking Traffic

They Do What EVER They Want!

 Assateague Island Horses LOVE Hanging out On The Beach!

Wild Horses On Assateague Island Were Hanging Out On The Beach

NOW… For Some Videos Of Assateague Island Horses In Action!

They are such a surprise unless some one sees the horses before they get to your blanket!

They just come on sneak attacks if you are not looking.

Then BAMM!

They smell food and are braking in your beach bag and cooler.

Check out the video I recorded when I was hanging out on the beach the Forth Of July weekend.

It got really hot during the day they why the horses come down to the ocean to cool off.

But 9 times out of 10 they have to walk over your stuff and eat your food on their way to the ocean!

It is funny when it is happening to someone else but sucks when they singe you out.

They are HARMLESS you just need to make some noise to get them away.

It’s not a bear it’s not going to bite you.

And when the horse is away from your blanket do not mean you have to chase it off of the entire beach!

I love to see the horses on the beach and in this video a guy is chasing the horse off the beach with his towel.

A few house later We took a LONG hike down the beach and seen like 10 more so I want down and took this video!

Check Out this video.

Michael Pruiksma Hanging out on Assateague Island With WILD Horses!

I Love going to Assateague Island and hanging out the Wild Horses!

Spend the whole day at the beach. I like to play bocce ball and Frisbee on the beach if I am not in the water.

Here is a Pic of me on the beach with a group of wild ponies!

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