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Why don’t people take action and follow through?

This has been bugging me for a few months now.

Why do people say they are going to do something, but always STOP at the last-minute.

People get so excited they love what they see, they want it and when it comes down to it, The subconscious mind start talking you out of it.

Or some people DREAM BIG and see themselves living the life of their dreams with total TIME & Financial  FREEDOM!

You want it so bad.. You just wish there was a better way to make a steady reliable income! But then you start thinking about it and what is the first thing we think of BAD! What if I can’t do it, I don’t know how, I never made any money online. My 7th cousin said it was a scam that he heard from his best friends grandma.

You mind can play tricks on you and lead you right to FAILURE or SUCCESS!

We teach you how important listening to audio and reading can improve your subconscious mind to lead you to the life of your dreams!

What I really learned over the years is that 80%  of success and reaching your goal is a good mind-set.

Remember when you started driving. You were so nervous you practiced everyday and after a few days you are playing with the radio you’re getting more relaxed and now you probably don’t even think about driving you just hop in and go like me.

Do you understand where I am coming from…

Your MIND plays a HUGE Part of your lifestyle, look at your 5 friend.. I bet they all drive about the same car and make about the same amount of money.

EVERYTHING that happened in your life up to this very second lead you to this page.

Are you happy with your life right now? YOUR BEST THINKING lead you up to this point in your life!

I know, I had to make a change and do something I NEVER did to GET something I never HAD.

When something RIGHT in front of your face  waiting for you.. You will still try to come up with more and more excuses. Not to do something than if you just did it you woulda been that much further ahead already.No Body Did Anything

Take a chance once in a while.. LIVE A LITTLE!

Instead of telling yourself you can’t do it.. FIND A WAY AND MAKE IT WORK.

A lot of people say this is such a  AWESOME opportunity and a Simple and EASY way to make money online part-time from anywhere in the world.

You got to learn and do what it takes.  Don’t just say  I am going to give it a try for a few months than quit if I don’t make money.

You are just setting YOURSELF UP for failure if you believe it or not!

When people first start out making money online they see themselves making a million bucks in 2 weeks and when they do not see any results with in the first few days and weeks they start giving up.. then they quit.

When you first start you need to have a goal to work towards.

LEARN EXACTLY what it takes in the video below!

Watch this video and take notes..

This is the video that really made my business take off.

It is so true. It is just like anything else you just need to make a decision and stick with it.

Quite frankly the truth and reality is…. If you don’t go after and fight for what you truly want, you are just going to have to settle for what you always got.

I don’t know about you but I am fighting for my freedom to do what I want, when I want, where I want.

Life is tough, but when you are tougher on yourself…. Life is infinitely easier on YOU.

I am going to the TOP are you?

Michael Pruiksma


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