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Update on Michael Pruiksma

Michael Pruiksma Is Recovering From a Motorcycle Accident.


If you did not know and are finding out for the first time right now, Yes Michael Pruiksma was in and out of the hospital trying to get his body put back together.


Memorial day weekend his motorcycle took a turn for the worse. When I am talking about motorcycle. I am referring to my 2003 Honda crf50 that has a 140cc engine on it. It is also called a Pit bike.


I just like to take it on a cruse through the fields around my house.  I was going through a few field on a path the trucks and tractors drive down so it has pretty big ruts. Also living by the beach everything is sand.


I was just cruzin in 3rd gear going about 35mph when I hit a really dry / soft patch of hand that pushed my into a pretty big rut and crashed.


Here are some pictures of the damage it caused.


My first night at the emergency room. Take a look at my left shoulder and see how far my shoulder popped out.. There is a hole right below my collar-bone.


Michael Pruiksma's Shoulder Injury

This is what happens when you slide across sand and rocks on your bare back.


Michael Pruiksma's Shoulder Injury

I also have gashes in my legs and knees along with a sprained – swollen bruised right ankle so it makes it tough to walk around.

So the night of the accident I went to the emergency room. Long story short I went with a dislocated shoulder and I left with a dislocated shoulder. It was the worst hospital experience I have ever had. I will never go to the Atlantic General Hospital in Berlin Maryland ever again.

All I was doing was interrupting their break and chat time. I was laying in bed screaming in pain and agony as this so-called nurse can sit at her desk as she enjoys McDonald’s, Starbucks and what ever other kind of candy and snacks her co workers brought in.

It was really sad they were all LAZY and overweight.. How can you have a job to take care and help other people when you can’t even help yourself. They did nothing but inject drugs that did no even help. So there last resort they wrapped a sheet around my waist got to guys to hold me as she spun my arm over my head trying to get my shoulder back it with 2 failed attempts.

They also couldn’t even put my to sleep with the Anesthesia with luck. I was injected with it got a Lil sleepy but nowhere near the power to knock me out. I guess they didn’t want to give me any more Anesthesia and had to get back to her desk before her coffee got cold. They did not wait or hesitate they just swung my arm over my head heard a crack they put my down and I went home in worse shape the I arrived.

It was just my luck it was memorial day weekend and no dr’s were open till Tuesday. I called the DR they recommended and couldn’t get an appointment till next Monday. I just said F#$K that and called a new place got in the next day and was in the hospital in 2 days.


  Here I am getting ready to go into surgery to get my shoulder popped back in.


This is after surgery with my big ass brace on so my shoulder does no poop back out.


This thing is HUGE and always gets in the way. It’s a pain in the ass. I can’t do anything.

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  • Christina Lynn

    So sorry about your bad experience :(. Hope you are on the mend now and recover quickly!

    • Thanks Christina…. Every day seems to get better and better.. I just can not get comfortable or sleep good yet. I hope it heals quickly. Off to the Dr tomorrow morning hope I get some good news.

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