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How to Find a Keyword

I Am Going To Show You How To Find A Keyword!

How to Find a Keyword

I personally think keywords are the name of the game in blogging and video marketing finding a good keyword to set up an ad campaign. Finding keywords are REALLY important.. I am Going to go ALL out and show you EXACTLY How to Find a Keyword!   These are the simple steps I do to find keywords. It is only a recommendation. I am not telling you to do anything you do not want to do! I can not guarantee you results like I get. It takes time and work. But if you MASTER a FEW skills online you can build a HUGE income online!     The first thing I do is think about what I want to write about and a good topic I can use. Then I JUMP right on my Jaxxy Keyword tool and start typing in ideas and searching to see what results pop up and find a good keyword phrase and create content about it.

Jaaxy Key Word Tool

This is just one of those tools to GET you MORE Traffic, leads and sales than doing anything else. This tool right here will help you DOMINATE the first page search results. See the video below as I personally show you how to find an AWESOME keyword with jaxxy keyword tool.

This Keyword is How to Find a Keyword!


How To Find A Keyword

First, I start off thinking about an idea of what I want / need to blog about. Sometimes it takes 2 min or 12 hours. Once I get a good idea of what I want my blogging topic to be. I think of different keyword phrases I could use to get the MOST Direct and free Traffic from the search engines. If you follow my steps and blog everyday for 90 days you will have TONS of TRAFFIC Leads & Sales! But Do NOT stop after that you will continue to get more and more traffic, leads & sales. It takes time for the content to get ranked on the search engines.. There is nothing we can do to speed it. But after you start seeing traffic flowing into your website. I just took this screen shot for you for this blog. It is fairy new just about 3 month old now and you can see how I get more and more FREE traffic from the search engines, ads and social media.   130802-191034

How to Find a Keyword and the Importance of having a good keyword!

First… It’s not about what you want to write about, it’s what people are searching for and want to see information on that keyword. What ever it is make sure you check the keyword tool and see if people are searching for it.

Just like this keyword I found! How to Find a Keyword gets 3227 searches a month and there is only 76 pages optimized for the keyword. How to Find a Keyword.

Life is so much easier when you have to compete with fewer people. Also when there is less competition on the first page of the search results where everyone wants to be. FREE TARGETED Traffic. It does not get any better than that!

All you have to do is a few steps before and after you post your blog to get INSTANT traffic to your website and give your website more back links to get more authority.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking more time to do your keyword research before you even start. WHY?….  Because KEYWORDS are what people are typing in the search engines to find when they are looking for.

Yeah you might get traffic and leads for a few days.... BUT if you send time to do your research with jaaxy keyword tool you can dominate the search results if you find GOOD keywords.

DO NOT just give you blog, video, article and so on just a name that came to your head. DO RESEARCH… FIND what people are searching that no one else knows about.

Seriously. Keywords are EXTREMELY Important!   

I am going to go back here… I remember when I first learned what a keyword was. So I just want to explain in my own words what a keyword is and how doing keyword research before you START creating content!

Keywords are what people are actively searching for on the internet.  If you have what people are searching for, and you know how to optimize your content so the search engines can find it is THIS IS THE BEST TRAFFIC YOU CAN EVER GET!

All you have to do is a few simple strategies I am going to teach you below in the video to EXTRACT Free Targeted Traffic from the search engines for years to come.

This little secret can make or break any business!

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