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Team Bonuses


All My Team Bonuses Included When You Join My Empower Team!



Empower Network is the HOTTEST business to be in right now and will be for YEARS in to the Future!! They SHOCKED the entire industry with 100% commissions. NOW they are releasing a BRAND new, never seen before blogging system that is going to change the way blogging is done! Our team at Empower Network is going to bring blogging to a whole new level!


All Our Team Bonuses Listed Below! It All STARTS… RIGHT HERE!


This is Empower Network’s Viral Blogging System! You are going to get a Completely done for you professionally set up blog ready for you to start blogging in seconds after you purchase it for $25 below!


To get all the team bonuses listed below YOU need to be a member of MY Empower Team at the basic membership of $25! Partner up with me today.


Once You Join My Empower Team…. You can expect a welcome email from me with all the private links to our team bonuses available for you to get you started FAST and on your way to earning boat loads of 100% Commissions!


The Most IMPORTANT is Monday night’s. EVERY Monday night the Empower Network Hosts the Empower Hour Call every Monday night at 9pm est (New York) Time!


The Number to call is (209) 255-1040 No Pin code! Call in 5 min early to make sure you get a spot on the line with thousands of people from all around the world pile on and It GETS MAXED out FAST!  When you call in you can Find out whats going on, Whats new, Where we are headed, Insider secrets and gold nuggets you can use to grow your business. Listen to 6-7 income earners share there secrets to help you get CLEAR and build a profitable business FAST!



Wednesdays at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time ( New York) Time we hold a Team Mastermind or team Google hangout on Wednesday nights. 6-7 figure earners share information and strategies that are working from them. You will also get to know out team members and leaders in our team.


Along With our Google hang out we also have an AWESOME private training website for our team members only! Real Important Powerful Information is in this website!



All These Team Bonuses are FREE with a basic blogging membership for $25 a month!


We also have a private Facebook group with over 1,200 member of our team from all across the world. This group is the BEST group of people you will ever meet. They are all so nice, kind and helpful and eager to help and answer your questions!


All In Team Private Facebook Group With over 1,500 Members.

That is JUST The TEAM Bonuses! Now I am going to additional Secrets and tools I use to EXPLODE my Empower Network Team!

The Additional tools and training I am going to provide to you are going to really put your empower business on the fast track!

The Training / Tools That REALLY Helped me ACCELERATE my 100% Commissions Earnings!

Craigslist Email Harvester! Free Lead Generate Software INCLUDED With your Team Membership!



Access To The Best Keyword Research Tool and training.


See How to get on TOP of the search results!


    • Access to the best email auto responding service available!


    • How to set up the BEST auto-responder to convert your leads into sales.


    • How to Come Up with and Find Ideas to blog about!


    • Facebook Marketing Training!


    • The secret to Social Media Success!


    • Awesome offline techniques that work


  • Access to my private video channel for my team members.


As you can see I am giving you so MUCH Value for only $25. This is EVERYTHING you will ever need to learn and earn as you build and create a dream lifestyle income. Do something for yourself! STOP relying on others! Take the LEAD those who are real will be excited and happy for you. The jellos people who can’t do anything for themselves will just try to bring you down! Try your BEST and Ignore the Rest! YOU CAN DO IT My Friend And I will be here to empower you till you can see how easy it really is.


You can see the income disclaimer at the bottom or every page. We are PROUD of our income disclaimer.


See The **Income Disclaimer**

Income Disclaimer


Personally this is the SAFEST business I have ever been involved with. They even teach us how to do everything correct and legal so there will be no problems down the road. The Empower Network wants US to have a Safe Legal Business with no issues and they DON’T Want us to create any issues for them! You can see the video and the Empower Network Compliance training video and learn the do’s and don’t so you will never have a problem.


Get in start blogging and watch the fast start training. Get two basic membership sign ups a day for 90 day’s and you will be in the 6 figure a year earner. This all you will hear from empower network. Get 2 new members a day and get to the events! This is what THOUSANDS of people have been doing and now are making more money a month with empower network then they made in 2 years at a JOB!


There is no secret to making money online.. The simple 3 step process of empower network is Blog Daily – Tell Other – Get Money!


ALL you need to do is get people to your empower network blog. Then they are going to see all the banners on your blog so they click on it. They enter their email address then they will become a lead before they are directed to the sales video where Dave and Dave so all the selling and we earn 100% Commissions…


With 100% Commissions on ALL The Blogging / Training Sales so….. We keep all the money! I am talking about us not them!


Empower Network GIVES you everything you need.. The blogging system is THE BEST way to GENERATE Traffic…. When you get traffic you get leads.. Leads are when the people who come to your blog enters their email in to see the sales video.

When they enter there email address in. I am going to show you how to set up the best auto responder system to follow-up with your leads and convert them in to sales.


This is the best way of marketing.. You create content.. You will ATTRACT people to your blog! When they are at your blog they are going to see professionally set up banners, when they are clicked on they will go to a capture page already designed with over 12 to choose from.


Then they will become a lead and automatically be put in to your auto responder that will send them a series of emails building trust and let them know more and more about the empower network.


Then you make sales and earn 100% Commissions on the blogging system and all the training if you choose to become an affiliate for $19.95 a month.  This will also cover your merchant account, live customer service and a list of others.


This is it every one! Get in today. Start learning from the fast start training videos included with the blogging system, Get connected listen to the empower hour call every Monday night and join our team masterminds on Wednesday!


SO MUCH VALUE In MY Empower Team Bonuses!

I am also going to show you how to add ADDITIONAL Streams of income to make your 100% commission even HIGHER When you supply your team with the much NEEDED tools to really turn your Empower Network blog into a Money Making Machine!


First and Most Important is your blogging! I am going to show you how important ‘Keywords’ as to blogging and how you can profit from FREE targeted traffic from the search engines. YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT PEOPLE ARE SEARCHING FOR!


The WHOLE ENTIRE internet is based off of one word SEARCH! BILLIONS of people are connected to the internet and when they want to find information they com e to the internet using KEYWORDS in there search terms. I am going to show you how to find what people are searching for and how to find a low competition keyword so you can DOMINATE the search results!


This tool I have been using since my first month blogging over a year and a half now. It is $19.00 a month! Finding the right keywords are the name of the game! Don’t compete with millions of people when you only have to compete with a few!




Use the best keyword tool out there!


Jaaxy Key Word Tool


Next is the AUTO RESPONDER! Follow up and stay connect with your leads!  Aweber is the top of the line and is simple to use!

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for $1




You Are In The Right Place At The Right Time!


If you Are Still Undecided… Watch The Video on my partner page!


I can not wait to welcome you to the team and get to know you better and help you get through your struggles! I appreciate your Time!


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