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SEO Tips for Bloggers

My Secret  SEO Tips for Bloggers.

I want to create this post you can use as a simple template that you can use until, you get the hang of it and create your own new seo strategies.

Seo stands for Search Engine Optimization.. All that means is we need to put our keywords in place where the search engines can find your keywords and have you indexed in the search engines. If you do not use keywords the search engines has no idea what your blog is about!

I want to teach you a few of my BEST strategies to assist my team and help them accelerate!

My SECRET SEO Tips for Bloggers.

This is where you want to put your keywords in your blog post, Videos, articles to get the MOST targeted traffic for ever!

Title SEO Tips for Bloggers

URL The address just like this http://michaelpruiksma.com/seo-tips-for-bloggers

Heading 1; SEO Tips for Bloggers

In the first few sentences of your post. SEO Tips for Bloggers.

Heading 2; SEO Tips for Bloggers

Remember to bold, italic and underline your keywords. To make them stand out to the search engines.

Heading 3; SEO Tips for Bloggers

In the Last few sentences of your post, SEO Tips for Bloggers

You also want to add it to the meta description.

BUT ALWAYS remember do not over do it… Keep it sounding exactly you would talk don’t just put the keyword in 55 times. Always remember don’t over do it. It is almost better to less than too much.. If you over do it the search engines will deindex you and the you will never get traffic from search engines.

There is no one to fool here. The search engines want to be the best and give the searchers exactly what they want to see so they keep coming back to use their service. If you create what people are searching for with good content that people like and is set up so the search engines will find it.

When you learn these few skill it will take your blogging to a totally new level. GET The MOST out of the work you do. find out what people want to see and what they are searching for so we can provide that to them.

There is no secret to success it takes work and time over a period of time. BUT if you use these SIMPLE strategies with the empower network blog.  You have a POWERFUL system and tools to make as much money as your heart desires.

If you are brand new to my blog welcome.. Thanks for reading my post, I want to invite you to see my team bonuses and join my team of bloggers. I will hand all my secrets over to you with a world-class blogging system.

You are in the right place at the right time my friend. Join us on our journey to the top as we all reach time & financial FREEDOM!



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