What does it really take to (money make money) online? Secrets Exposed!

What does it really take to money make money online? I have been getting a lot of new members joining my team, some of you are brand new and really not sure what direction to go in. I am going to share some of my secrets with you today! Do you want to learn some of my secrets?


Well the major components to make money online  are,  you need to have a computer with internet access and an email address with a desire to make it happen.


You need 3 things to make money online. You need to get Traffic, Leads and Sales!


You need to get as much targeted traffic as possible.


Targeted traffic is people who are looking for what you have. If you are using the Online PayDay System, you are going to be advertising to people who are looking for ways to make money online, work from home, stay at home mom’s, and so on.


It is so SIMPLE to make money when you advertise to the right people. If people are not interested, or have no idea what it is, most people are going to call it a scam. These are just the FACTS. Not everyone is going to join, not everyone is going to make money, not every one is going like it. That is JUST THE WAY IT IS!


We can do nothing about it but put them on the list or people that are not interested and keep finding people who are.


The more you do it the better and better you will get. You can only find so many ways that do not work till you find ways that really works for you.


The most import thing I can recommend to you is focus on getting targeted traffic and then leads and sales will follow. Do not sit there and worry about the 5 people you have and what they are going to do. The secret is to keep getting more and more people. Some will join and some won’t


Once you start getting results than you can see the averages you produce. Let’s just say it takes 10 people to see your page before you get a lead, then you get 5 leads before you make a sale. This is the road map to your success! How much money do you want? Then do the math and find out how much traffic you need to get the desired leads and sales!


The biggest mistake I always see happening is everyone wants to skip the 2 MOST important steps. They just want the sales! Then when they don’t make money they call it a scam.


You NEED to start at the starting line just like everyone else did.  There are no short cuts to success. The secret is never to give up.

“Quitters never Win and Winners never Lose”

SO… What does it really take to money make money online in 2014?


What it is really going to take, is a decision to succeed and let nothing else stop you. There are going to be hurdles you might not be able to jump your first try, or you might go down to a dead-end, you might get frustrated but if you hang in there my friend you will make it happen!


Most people give up RIGHT BEFORE they see their first result. Just when you don’t think it’s working, BAM you get an email that says you just earned a commission but they quit they day before.


I want to share a VERY important picture that will help you realize just how close you are when you are about to give up. But if you just kept going for another day , week or month you would have got the reward for all your hard work.


ALMOST REACH THE DIAMONDSYou are SO close why did you give up?


I am going to tell you it is not hard to become successful! You just need to do what it takes! You need to make different decisions and add some self-discipline.


Let’s face it if you wanted to go on a diet but did not change the way you eat or exercise you are not going to lose any weight.


The same concept here. Instead of watching TV or doing something fun and exciting with my friends every night. I spend 2-3 hours after dinner writing a blog, making a video and sharing with as many people as possible.


Now I invest my spare time to making money online and learning how to make more and do it more efficiently. I am working harder now than the average person to get more than the average person will ever have.


When I thought about where my future would be if I did not do anything to change it scared the shit out of me! I did not want to work at a job, I didn’t like to earn a pay check every week just to pay the bills and keep my head above water. I did not want to be stuck at the bottom of someone Else’s dream!




When I finely realized the power of the internet. I wanted to take FULL advantage. I create a new blog, video, audio, ad, article EVERY SINGLE DAY! Not everyone is going to work! That is just the way it is! Watch this video! This is changed my life!


You just need to keep on keepin’ on as I say it!


When you drive your car.. You do not drive staring at your review mirror or focusing on the bugs splatters on your windshield.  You look at where you want to go and you sear and adjust the speed on your way to your destination.


What I am trying to say is illustrated by this picture!



You are going to have bad days and you are going to have good days and you are going have the BEST days of your life!



What it all boils down to is getting targeted traffic and do not give up. So, What does it really take to money make money online?


What is really takes of a willingness to learn and continue moving forward! You need to become uncomfortable and stretch yourself till it become comfortable and then keep on progressing.


When I first got started online, I did not know anything. I hated reading, I hated writing, heck I hated to sit in front of a computer. I had so much holding me back at the beginning. I was always looking for the negative in positive. I never thought I could do it!


My secret for you is to make a promise with me that you are going to stick with it until you get your first commission! Once you see and feel the money you are going to want more and more just like I did.


I stuck with it because, I refused to get a second job for 8$ per hour, nor did I have the time or energy.  I needed to make this happen so I did not have to get a second job!


Your WHY is very important! WHY do you want to make money online? Stay home with your kids, more free time, additional income, sick of working at a job?


Always use that when you come to a problem or you don’t think it working.. Do you want to work at a JOB for the rest of your life or do you want to leverage the internet and create a stream of income in your spare time?


follow your dreams

As you can tell there is no secret you just need to get started and do not stop or give up no matter what. It’s not what you do today but what you do daily!


What are you going to do ?

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