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Privacy Policy

My Legal Page / Privacy Policy.

We gotta try to keep everyone happy, so please feel free to read my legal page and privacy policy!


The Affiliate Disclosure:

I just want to let you know that I am an affiliate for most of the products and services mentioned on my blog. That means if you click on a product or service I promote and decide to buy or use there is a pretty good chance I will earn a commission. (Thanks)

I don’t blog about or recommend anything that I haven’t purchased and succeeded with myself. Meaning I only promote and recommend to you the products or services I use.

With that being said, you should always do your due diligence before purchasing anything online.

I really appreciate your support.


The Income Disclaimer:

I am not going to make any promises of any specific return on your time or investment. To be honest with you I CAN’T because I do not know you and I surely do not know you’re commitment and work ethics.

The ONLY thing I can guarantee you is, if you do noting and not take action NOTHING will ever change for you.

You got to take one step forward if you ever want to get ahead in life, or you will just remain in the same spot, getting what you always got.

Let’s face it if you plan on doing little things, expect little results.

Also please don’t join me or buy anything from me if you can’t afford to lose the money.

I can not guarantee it is going to work for you like it does for me. Sometimes this business is kinda risky. But without risk, there will be no reward.


Privacy Policy:

I do not track cookies, store IP addresses or anything along those lines.

But on occasion I will ask for your name and email address on some pages or forms. This is only so I can notify you of cool new blog posts, new secrets I just discovered, new concepts, training that will most likely help you.

Your email address will never be shared or compromised in any way.

And if you ever get sick of hearing from me, there’s a one-click UN-subscribe button at the bottom of every email I send.

Click it and you’ll never hear from me again. Sound like a plan… Stan?

Questions, comments or concerns about my legal page?

Contact me here.


Michael Pruiksma

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