Never STOP Learning

I often get asked for advice on this and that. And lately, I’ve found myself having the same answer. So I thought why not share it with you incase it can help you too!

I think a lot of people forget to keep learning new things once they have finished up at school or university. It’s kind of like the mentality that you’ve done your time in an education institution and now it’s time to let the brain have a break.

Sometimes it’s nice to binge and watch shit on TV.

I do it haha.

But then if you’re not learning. You’re no longer growing. You’re no longer flexing your brain.

You begin to limit yourself with what you can do because YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO ANYTHING ELSE.

I get messages everyday from people asking me what’s the first step to living a better life or of how to work online.

I tell them what I do (online marketing, freelance stuff etc), and the reply is usually that they don’t know how to do that…

…Meaning they can never do that…

…Meaning a life-like this just isn’t in their reach.

So here’s my single piece of advice:


Every single damn thing in this world is learnable.

I learned about operating heavy equipment, not marketing, and I knew absolutely nothing about working online.

But I learned it myself.

I went to live events and learned from the best.

I bought training’s and watched countless YouTube tutorials.

I’m not a techie person, but I learned how to make a website and get people to it.

To me, if there are skills you can LEARN which down the track will enable you to live the life you truly desire… Then it shouldn’t even be a question of whether or not you take the time to learn it.

If you’re not taking the time to learn it, then your desire isn’t strong enough. Find a stronger one.

The point is, everything is learnable.

Think back to what you have learned throughout the years….






Work at a job

How to use technology


Then add in something that you need to learn to help reach your goals/dreams. It’s probably not that much harder than the list above…. I mean math is pretty damn hard.

Everything is learnable.

Please please remember that.

Because as soon as you get that… I mean really get that… Nothing seems impossible anymore.

Learning and Implementing go hand in hand, you shouldn’t have one without the other.

Hope that brought a little motivation to your day.

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