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My Story

Must See Video Below!

This is me. (Michael Pruiksma)


Michael Pruiksma in front of a waterfall


This is me on the beach hanging out with wild horses!


Michael Pruiksma on da beach with wild horses

I am 31 years young originally from norther New Jersey from a small town named Wantage! (Sussex County) I lived close to the highest point in NJ! High Point State Park!


High Point momument

I now close to Ocean City MD!  I LOVE everything about the beach. The sun, the sand, the water, all the events and activities that are go on or around da beach!

That’s my flag!


Michael Pruiksma In Ocean City Maryland

It is such a BLAST hanging out on the beach trying to keep cool on a HOT day with the WILD Horses at Assateague Island.

MichaelPruiksma on the Beach with wild horses


They also can be a pain in the ass when they smell the food in the cooler and beach bag. They walk right up to your blanket and tear open your bag and cooler to eat your food. I think its pretty funny when it’s not happening to me!


Wild Hores


I loved to take my dog for walks on the beach till he passed away at 13 years old. R.I.P Cody! Love Ya Buddy!

Michael Pruiksma & Cody

Now for the best part of me! My other half! 🙂
Introducing my beautiful girlfriend Julia!



We met on an online over 4 years ago!
Michael Pruiksma & Julia


Watch out for sharks!


Michael Pruiksma Shark attack

Now I want to take you back a few years.. 

Now I want to share with YOU how my story began!

After high school, I was working at a golf course with my uncle Bill for the summer, but I wanted to make more than $7 per hour.

So I went to a technical school and learned all about excavation equipment and construction.

Ever since I was a lil boy playing with my tonka toys in the sand box, I was always fascinated about big machines.

I found this picture of me when I was like 5 years old with my CAT hat on.

Michael Pruiksma 5 years old

So I did what I had to do to get certified to operate big machines!

That meant spend thousands of dollars I did not have, to learn a trade that will put more money in my pocket.

So, after a few long months of school, I graduated and returned home from Florida.

Two days after returning from school, I landed my DREAM job! I was operating HUGE machines and portable rock crushers!

It was just me a cat 345 excavator, Jaw crusher that crushed a rocks 26″ x 44″ to a 6” chunk. The jaw crusher was feeding a cone crusher that crushed a 6″ rock down to 3/4″ rock we used for road ways and drain fields. It was such a fun exciting job for me. The machines where BIG it was super noisy but all around an easy job that paid very well. I was in my young 20’s making $30 per hour! It was my dream come true!


Michael Pruiksma Rock Crushers

This was the other set up I ran! Jaw crusher into a cone crusher into a screener that separated all the material.


Michael Pruiksma Portable Quarry


This was a cold morning starting up the machines. Man did they smoke. I miss that smell!


Michael Pruiksma Machines Smokin

I loved my job and everyone I worked with. I was living my dream for about 5 years till one day…

I got a call from the owner with BAD news!

Long Story short, I LOST MY JOB Unexpectedly with no warning and nowhere to go! Due to the economy and housing market crash back in 2006!

I was back right to where I started from, looking and begging for a job!

That was the year the economy took a $hit on a lot of people, including myself.

I was begging excavation companies to hire me and give me a chance but they were laying off people not hiring. I needed to find a job asap! A few more months went by with no job or income.

After being unemployed for over 8 months with no income, I had to sell my motorcycles.

I LOVE RIDING! I have been riding ever since I was 5! I found a few pictures of my bikes below!

My favorite bikes were supermoto. They are like motocross bikes with a few lights and road tires!


Michael Pruiksma wheelie



Michael Pruiksma Supermoto BikeMichael Pruiksma's Dirt bike & dog

After everything I owned was gone life sucked!

Then one day I picked up a free news paper at a gas station on my way home from filling out an application and looked through the help wanted ads and seen a job for a lawn tech.

It was not the job I wanted, but I need to make money some how.

I use to work at a golf course when I was younger, so I knew how to cut the grass.

Turns out it was a job fertilizing lawns but it didn’t matter I needed a job, so I called set up an interview and got the job on the spot! I started out making $10 per hour!

I had to DOWNGRADE my life due to a job. I went from $30 per hour to $10! The worst part was I was working three times as hard for a third of the pay!

I was always looking and trying to find a better job or an excavation job like I had with no luck at all.

My future was looking bleak!

All I knew is I did not want to work like a slave for the next 40 years of my life struggling just to pay the bills.



I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired!

I knew there had to be a different way to make money, without having to spend thousands of dollars to go back to school to get a new career.

Now days are it even worth going to college?

You have to go in tremendous debt, spend years of your life to learn a new skill that DOES NOT GUARANTEE you are going to get a job you really want.



I did not want to follow the same path as I did, just to come to a dead-end AGAIN.


What way to go

So what I did was I took a different road.

I already knew what was going to happen if I kept going down the same road, but what If I went right instead of left?

So that is exactly what I did.

I had people telling me to go back, don’t walk alone, you don’t want to go that way.

Do you know what I did?

I ignored them.

I knew if I ran into a dead-end it was my fault, but if I ended up in a better place it was because it was me.

Let’s face it… there are more people who want to hold you back than encourage you to succeed.

I Choose

Now I am on a journey to FREEDOM!

A journey to do what I want, when I want, where I want and help thousands of people all over the wold break FREE from mediocrity.

Cause lets face it.


This is my story and I sure hope you enjoyed it.

Are you ready to lock arms with me and fight the forces of evil?

Let’s do it!

I am going to the TOP… Are you?

Michael Pruiksma

P.S Leave me a comment below with your comment or questions.

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  • Aleksey Zuravlov

    Wow, great story, Michael!

    Do you have some Finnish roots in your family tree? (interesting surname)

    Looks like you loved your supermoto bikes! Awesome. Did you buy a bike or two already?:)

    I want to get KTM 500 Six Days, as a first bike. Can’t wait.. But for now I need to work on my EN business. Awesome company, but starting isn’t that easy..

    Best wishes,