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My Cash Freebies Training – The Secret To Making Money

Are YOU sick of getting rejected?

Tired of wasting your time and spinning your wheels?

Want to learn how, I have personally enrolled hundreds of people and earn thousands of dollars in profit with My Cash Freebies?

If you answered yes to any of those questions.

You are in the right place at the right time.

I already racked up over 3 years of experience, working from home and making money online.

There is no way that I am perfect or a professional.

I make mistakes, I got rejected but I didn’t give up.

Making money online might not be as easy as you expected it to be.

First of all this is not a job.

You only get paid for results.

Working at a job, you can only make so much money and work so many hours.

If you want to make more money on the internet simply advertise to more people.

This is what is going to lead us into the first step.

Marketing MyCashFreebies

If you want to make money with my cash freebies you need to get your own personal referral link in front of the right people at the right time.

There are just really two-way to advertise, which is also known as marketing and they are.

Outbound Marketing which is more like a hunter, you have to literally search and go find your prospects and then when the time is perfect jump out and fire off your sales pitch they get spooked and dart off into the woods as fast as they possible can.

This is the best way to describe it..

Picture a used car sales man.

As soon as the see someone looking at a car they come right out and try to sell it to you.

What is the most common response when a sales person comes up to you.

What I do is say…

No thanks, just looking to get them to leave me alone.

That’s what I call the dirty way of marketing.

ALWAYS Always always remember. People hate to be SOLD stuff but they love to BUY!

Now let’s get into the good stuff.

Inbound Marketing is having the right prospects, at the right time coming to you asking you to join my cash freebies.

How would it feel if you have an endless supply of red-hot leads coming to you?

That would be pretty cool huh..

Inbound marketing is simply creating content people are actively searching for and intercepting them at the right time.

So instead of always having to chase people around, bug your friends and family and continue to get rejected.

Wouldn’t it be smart if you too learned how to get people contacting you wanting to buy or join.

But there is a one down fall.

With Outbound marketing it is very direct and you will get pretty quick results. (If you are asking the right people at the right time)

With Inbound marketing it takes time to create content and on the search engines.

BUT once you do, it is going to be working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

And what I think is really cool about making money online using inbound marketing is that you can leverage a free Turn-Key Automated Marketing System designed for My Cash Freebies and literally earn money around the clock.

As soon as I learned about this technique I was hooked and it just made more sense to me.

This is the benefit I see.

When you first join My Cash Freebies if you have a decent My Cash Freebies Sponsor they will tell you to just post hundreds ads on social media and on Craigslist.

Now all that is considered spam and it is just a waste of time.

Think about it, when you post an ad it will last a few hours until it get buried and out of sight.

But what if you invested an hour or two, doing your research, creating the content and promoting it.

The content you create whether it is a blog post or video, will be on the internet for years to come working for you 24-7 and there are going to be hundreds if not thousands of people who is going to see it.

I current have 3 different blogs working for me 24-7 earning me multiple streams of income.

My Cash Freebies Marketing & Advertising Secrets Revealed!

I am going to be honest with you.

These skills and techniques are going to take a few weeks really learn and put them all together.

I can not explain everything for you in detail right here, right now.

BUT… I will explain it step by step in FULL detail for free on my live training.

The only way to get instant access into my private training, is to enter your name and email address below!

get instant access below

100% risk free Guaranteed!

This is NOT going to be a one day training, I am planning on hosting a live training once or twice a week!

I will email you the times, days and links when you enter your name and email address above.

The training is going to be 100% completely free, but there are going to be a few tools and websites and resources that I am going to recommend and some have a small monthly cost.

I should be charging $999 for this training but for a limited time you are going to get it for free.

I am going to be teaching the secrets of blogging.

How to set up a profitable blog.

How to find profitable keywords.

How to get your blog seen on TOP of the search engines.

Very important Mindset training

And MUCH more.

If I were you I’d be jumping all over this if you only knew a portion of what you are going to learn.

Get in now before it’s gone!

multiple down arrows

Get instant access and I will see you on the live training.

YOU Can Do It and I’m here to help you.

Michael Pruiksma

My Cash Freebies Income Proof

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