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Michaels My Cash Freebies FAQ

My Cash Freebies FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About My Cash Freebies.

Michael Pruiksma has joined the My Cash Freebies Network back on 09/07/2013. Since then Michael has already help over 119 people join My Cash Freebies and make money.

On this page Michael is going to be revealing all the frequently asked questions people have about my cash freebies.

If you are just getting introduced to My Cash Freebies for the first time or you already joined my cash freebies, there are always going to be questions you will encounter.

Below Michael is going to list all of the most frequently asked questions people have about My Cash Freebies, so you can make a decision to join us if you too want to make money with my cash freebies or if you are new to MCF you can educate yourself to answer the questions your new members have and help them get started and on their way to making money with my cash freebies.

I will start with the most common questions first.

What is My Cash Freebies?

My Cash Freebies is an affiliate network or cost per acquisition network. The reason why they exist is because advertisers such as Hot-wire, Gamefly, Godaddy, Mens health, Match.com, PC world, People Magazine, Trend Micro, Vista print,  Weight Watchers, Vimeo, CreditReport.com and many more want to get more business and new customers.

So they advertise with My Cash Freebies and offer free trials and discount offers to get people to try their product or services to hopefully gain new customers.

All these businesses need a place to advertise their products and services to get people to try their products and services, so they hand the advertising over to an affiliate network such as my cash freebies to do the advertising for them through internet based referral agents like you and I.

One method they use to get more consumers to try their product and services is by incentive advertising.

Intensive advertising means they offer intensive such as free gifts and money to people, who refer others to try the products and services advertised.

In simpler terms My Cash Freebies will pay YOU for referring people to them that try out the products or services advertised inside of my cash freebies.

How Does My Cash Freebies Work?

My Cash Freebies my seem difficult to people who are new to making money online or don’t know much about online advertising but the process is REALLY simple and easy to figure out.

There are 4 simple steps.

  • Sign up
  • Complete offers
  • Refer others
  • Get rewarded

Is it hard to sign up?

In fact it is VERY simple to sign up.

Click the “Click Here” Button to sign up to Express My Cash Freebies and follow along.

Step 1 choose your free gift. 

My Cash Freebies Step 1


Step 2 Enter a valid email address.


Express My Cash Freebies Step 2


Step 3 Fill out your profile.


My Cash Freebies Profile


Step 4 meet the 1.oo credit requirement by taking an offer.


Express My Cash Freebies Offers


Step 5 Advertise your referral link to refer others and make money.


Express My Cash Freebies Profile


That is how simple it is to sign up and Join My Cash Freebies.

BUT the best part and what I love most about my cash freebies is once you take the offers and meet the 1.00 credit requirement you will never have to take another offer EVER Again.

My cash freebies will never charge you any membership fees or website fees.

So once you take the offers all you have to do is worry about is making money with my cash freebies.


My Cash Freebies Proof

I know what you are thinking….

This sounds to good to be true Mike.

Can you really make money with My Cash Freebies?


Yes you can. Let me show you some of my recent results.

This is what I made with My Cash Freebies so far.

You can also check out my personal My Cash Freebies Testimonial.




My earning with My Cash Freebies so far has been $876.

This means I profited $860 so far. I did invest a little bit of money to complete the trial offer, which was about $16 to meet my 1.00 credit requirement.

Whats awesome is I was in profit my very first referral.

Here is what the emails that my cash freebies send you.

This is from Express My Cash Freebies.


My $25 payment from express my cash freebies


And I have received A LOT of those.


My Cash Freebies Proof That It Works


Here are the emails I receive from Double My Cash Freebies.


$33 Payment from double my cash freebies

I am not trying to brag or boast. But I just want to show you proof that it works.

I can not and will not guarantee you will make this amount.

You may make MORE, You may make LESS or you may make NO money at all. There are no guarantees in like but I can guarantee you this…

If you do nothing, NOTHING will ever change.

That is a fact!

Moving on…


What are the best my cash freebies programs to use?

My Cash Freebies has 13 site you can use.

  • Fast Track My Cash Freebies
  • Express My Cash Freebies
  • Single My Cash Freebies
  • Small Change My Cash Freebies
  • Double My Cash Freebies
  • In The Bag My Cash Freebies
  • Half My Cash Freebies
  • My Cash My Cash Freebies
  • Fine Print My Cash Freebies
  • Audio My Cash Freebies
  • Video My Cash Freebies
  • Bank Note My Cash Freebies
  • Legal Tender My Cash Freebies

I only use two of the MCF sites and my favorite ones are, Express My Cash Freebies and Double My Cash Freebies.

and here is why.


The automated marketing My Cash Freebies systems.

That’s right there are a few automated marketing systems designed for Express and Double My Cash Freebies.

My two favorite systems are..

The Online Payday System by Chuck Marshall.

Just click on Step 1 to get free instant access to the Online Payday System.

Turn Key 4 step marketing system


The OPDS is free but you will have to spend $9 a month to use the auto responder.

There is also a 100% Free system designed by Jeff Buchanan and it is call the Instant Payday Network.

Click on Step 1 to get free instant access to this system.


Now that you know,

What My Cash Freebies is, how it works, how to join, proof that it work and the marketing systems designed for My Cash Freebies it is time to get into the technical details.


Who can use My Cash Freebies?

Any one this is over the age of 18 that has a computer, personal internet access and a Debit/ Credit card to complete the trial offers.


Where is My Cash Freebies Available?

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

BUT MCF is available ANYWHERE PayPal is available.

If you are an international user there are not going to be any offers you can complete to meet the 1.00 requirement. So what you need to do if you are an international user your status will remain unqualified until you refer someone from the countries that have offers available to them that goes on to earn 1 full credit on that network site.


My Cash Freebies Requirements.

  1. 18 years or age or older.
  2. ONLY ONE ACCOUNT PER HOUSEHOLD, ONE ACCOUNT PER PERSON, and ONE PERSON per IP ADDRESS (Your internet connection. This includes ALL computers on the SAME internet connection in your home!)
  3. Valid address. No P.O Box.
  4. Users must create their own account.
  5. Do NOT use a computer that will show an IP address (Your internet connection) of another member of My Cash Freebies.
  6. Do NOT use 2 different emails when signing up.
  7. Do NOT use prepaid or gift cards of any kind.
  8. Users may not sign up from a public area such as a workplace, college campus, McDonald’s, Starbucks, public library or any other publicly provided WiFi service. A user may also not sign up to our site via a proxy, which includes ISPs such as AOL, VPN’s, Hosting IP’s, etc… A user may not log in from a “friends” house to complete offers, or to show the friend how to use the service. This will result in matching IP addresses, and result in accounts being placed on hold.

The bottom line is provide the correct and true information and don’t try to cheat MCF of you will be BANNED and never be able to use ANY My Cash Freebies site ever again.



MCF also has Residual Income Bonuses which means you will make EVEN more money when the people you refer into my cash freebies refer people and they make money too.

Let me explain.

You join today and meet your 1.00 requirement and you refer a new member and they meet their 1.oo requirement you will make money when your new member meets the 1.00 requirement but when they refer a new member into my cash freebies and they meet the 1.00 requirement you will make a residual income bonus from them too.


My Cash Freebies Benefits.

Simple to use.

Very LOW investment.

Get paid with in 12 hours. No waiting week to collect you money.

No website fees.

No membership fees.

My Cash Freebies has been in business since 2011 and paid out over 5 million in cash and prizes to people like me and soon to be YOU.

When you take the offers and meet the 1.00 requirement you will NEVER have to take another offer EVER AGAIN.

You earn a profit with your very first referral.

Have automated marketing system to help you make even more money faster in less time.

Hundreds of people are joining daily to make additional income.


My Cash Freebies Criticism.

You are going to have your lovers and you are going to have your haters.

You are going to have people tell you it is a scam. Seriously Confused About Money! (just Ignore them)

You will see bad reviews and people talking crap about MCF. Don’t watch them. They will just try to get you to join their stupid business and you will end up paying hundreds of dollars and end up frustrated.


My Cash Freebies Training.

If you are brand new to making money online it is going to take you some time to learn how it all works, where to advertise and how to get people to join so you can make money.

It is pretty simple but you need to go through the trial and error process until you find a way that works for you.

If you don’t make money right away with My Cash Freebies it is because you are not advertising to the right people.

Here is a valuable lesson for you to help you get started on the right foot.

When you are advertising your my cash freebies link, advertise to people who are looking for a way to make some additional income.

DO NOT advertise to everyone because you will get NO ONE.

Just like you are not going to sell flip-flops to an Eskimo.

Target those people who are MOST likely to join my cash freebies.

Stay at home moms or dads.

People looking for a way to make money online.

People interested in freebies.

People that lost their job or looking for a second job.

It is EASY to get people to join that want to make money and impossible to get people who are not interested.

Also when you are advertising don’t just post your referral links and hope some one is going to click and join.

There are A LOT of skeptical people out there.

What I learned the hard way is people only want to work with people they know like and trust.

So instead of just saying make FREE money with my cash freebies join here, Share your story.

Tell them why you joined my cash freebies.

What happened to you that made you turn to the internet to make money online?

Tell them some benefits.

When I post ads I write a short post that goes like this.

I lost my dream job making $30 per hour doing what I loved to working at a job I hate for $10 per hour. I refused to get a second job because I was going to be twice as tired, twice as stressed and twice as pissed off. So I turned to the internet and found a simple money-making system that is free to join and now I have earned over $876 in my spare time working online without having to bug my friend or family. Without having to buy ship or sell products. Without having to host home or hotel meetings and without having to talk on the phone. send me a message or join me here and I will provide you will everything you need to start making money as soon as tomorrow.


Short sweet and to the point.

In your story you need to have why you turned to the internet to make money and then the how you did it and advertise that message to people who have the similar problems.

It’s not hard it just takes a little bit of time to learn.

And LAST but not least!


Join My Cash Freebies with a sponsor!

If you have NOT yet joined my cash freebies make sure you join with a sponsor and here is why.

You can ask them questions and help to get you started on the fast track.

If you want to join with the BEST my cash freebies sponsor join our my cash freebies family.

Just enter your email address below.

When you enter your email address above I will forward you to the best my cash freebies system that will walk you through step by step and get you started the right way.

Plus I will have your email address so when we have private training and team bonuses you will be invited.

WOW this was the longest My Cash Freebies FAQ I have ever seen.

If you have any more question feel free to leave me a comment below and I will respond back ASAP!

Thanks for checking out my blog.

We are BIG TIME here with my cash freebies.

Join us and become a part of the online family.

Hope to see you on the inside.

Your Favorite My Cash Freebies Sponsor,

Michael Pruiksma


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