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Jeff Buchanan Instant Payday Network Review by Michael Pruiksma

Michael Pruiksma reviews Jeff Buchanan’s Instant Payday Network.

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Who is Jeff Buchanan and what exactly is the Instant Payday Network?

The impression I get from Jeff is that he is just an honest regular guy from California that created has the Instant Payday Network to help people just like YOU and I make money online without having to be a professional or knowing all the technical stuff to start making money online.

IPDN is free marketing system designed to help people with not a lot of online experience make money the fastest and simplest way possible

Why I started using Jeff’s IPDS.

It was back on 09/07/2013 when I discovered the internet payday system.

The main reason I decided to use Jeff Buchanan’s system is because I needed to make some additional income.

My job just wasn’t cutting it and I refused to work two jobs, just to earn enough money to pay my bills.

Everything was on the rise but my paycheck.

Since I did not have a lot of money to invest, I just needed a way to make some additional income without having to max out my credit card to start a home based business.

I was REALLY skeptical at first, it just sounded to good to be true.

With all the scams, scoundrels and crooks on the internet it is hard to trust anyone.

How could I start making money without having to spend any money to do so…

All the other opportunities to make money online before I discovered Jeff’s system required a lump sum of money to even get started.

Some opportunities charged a few hundred bucks and others charged a few thousand.

I was having mixed feelings.

I did not have money to start a home business, but I needed to make some extra money without having to work 2 jobs.

It took me a few days to make a decision, but one day I woke up and just dove into Jeff’s system and never looked back.

Whatever I had to do I did it. I look back today and remember that very day how hard it was to make a decision, but now it was the best decision I have ever made.

Like they say, you will never know unless you try it.

I would rather look back in life and say I tried that and look back and regret NOT trying it.

Watch this video!

Now let’s get into the details of the Jeff Buchanan’s Instant Payday Network.

How does Instant Payday Network Work?

Jeff’s system has everything you would ever need to make money online.

The first and MOST import part of making money online is getting Leads.

Jeff made that simple for us. He created 4 capture pages for us to advertise to get leads.

Instant Payday Network Capture Pages

To get leads all you have to do is advertise a capture page of your choice. The people who are interested in making money online will enter their contact information in the capture page so you can follow-up with them and provide them with more information so they can make a decision to join.

Instant Payday Network has an email auto responder built right in that will automatically send out emails for you.

Right after they enter their contact information they will be directed to a video, where Jeff does all the explaining for you.

Instant Payday Network 4 Step System

Jeff will walk all your leads through the 4 simple steps so you will make money, just about automatically.

Step 1 you will make $20, Step 2 you will make $30, Step 3 they set up their own free IPDN system and step 4 does cost money but you can earn $25-$4,525.

I will explain more about the that in a few min.

This is what inside of the Internet Payday System Control Panel looks like.

This is the central hub.

Instant Payday Network Control Panel

Like I said earlier, this is EVERYTHING you would ever need to make money.

And it is all available for you to use for FREE!

Jeff has designed this system to help you make money with these companies.

How you make money with the Instant Payday Network.

IPDN is just a marketing system that will help you make money with these 3 companies.

Step 1 inside the instant payday network is call Express My Cash Freebies. You will make $20 for everyone that joins and meets their requirements.

Step 2 is Double My Cash Freebies and you will make $30 for everyone that joins and meets their requirements.

How these companies work and how you make money is by taking a free or low-cost trial offer form a list of over 100 well trusted online businesses.

My Cash Freebies is an intensive advertising network that advertises for hundreds of online businesses. My Cash Freebies get paid for getting people to try out the products or services advertised in my cash freebies.

When you refer people into My Cash Freebies and they take try the advertiser product or service My Cash Freebies will pay you for doing so.

The best part about this is there are no membership or website fees. Once you take the offers and meet the requirements you NEVER have to take another offer or spend a single penny to make money with express and double my cash freebies.

I love it!

It cost me about $10 to meet my requirements and I have turned that $10 investment into over a $867 profit.


This is what my email inbox now looks like thanks to Jeff and the instant payday network!

My Cash Freebies Proof That It Works

Those are just the first 2 steps.

Step 3 is just setting up your own personal IPDN system.

Step 4 is tools and training to really help you and teach you how to advertise.

Here is my recent screen shot of how much I have made by learning and implementing what I have learned in step 4.

Empower Network Commissions

This is NOT A GUARANTEE they YOU are going to make this much. You might make MORE, you might make LESS or you might make no money at all.

I do not know your work ethic or how serious you are. But if you follow the steps and learn how it works and how to work it you can money with the instant pay-day network too!

This is an automated marketing system that does all the explaining for you. But you need to do the advertising and get people to the capture page.

With that being said… it is now time to make a decision.

Are you in or are you out.

If you are no interesting in using Jeff’s Instant Payday Network to make money online. See ya later!

But if you are ready to take action and follow this proven system and start making money online get started below!

How to join IPDN.

It is really simple to join the Instant Payday network.

Click the button below and enter your name and email address in the capture page and Jeff will explain everything step by step and help you get set up and start making money as soon as tomorrow.

warningFree Video

Get started today.

You will have access to all my personal contact information inside. If you ever have a question or need help I am an email or call away.

See ya on the inside of Jeff Buchanan’s Instant Payday Network!

Michael Pruiksma

Michael Pruiksma

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  • patrick stark

    I don`t have a website
    I wanted to make some extra cash if it`s possible.

  • Ive lost my log in to IPDN I wont to close my account could someone help me.


    Michael: Thank you for your comments regarding Jeff Buchanan’s Instant Payday Network. I began working on step one last evening by establishing the needed credits. Because I am extremely cautious when it comes to anything on the internet and my currently lean bank account; however, I do intend to complete the 4 steps as I believe in Jeff’s system . By the way, I may need your or Jeff’s assistance in the initial phase. Thank you, Ken W. 910-712-2244.

  • Graeme

    Thank you..such a brilliant film,much appreciated you sharing:)

  • Harold Reginald Smith

    Hi, please tell me if this program will work from South Africa. Harold.

  • Jackeline

    I just want to know about the debit card that they ask you because
    i dont have debit card I only have a payoneer visa card but i don’t know if they accepted (myfreebies)?

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