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IS ZNZ ONE A Scam? The Secrets Revealed About ZNZ

The Truth Revealed! Is ZNZ One a Scam?

 Is ZNZ One Is a Scam or not. I want to make this clear and tell you nothing but the truth. I have been scammed on the internet 7 years ago and it freaking SUCKS! I know what it feels like to lose 3 grand by a scam. It is the worst feeling in the world and I would never want anyone to go through the same crap I had to go through. It had nothing to do with any online business. You might have heard about it years ago where these crooks mail you a check and you have to go cash it and send the money through western union mad they will pay you a grand to do so. Well I cashed the check and sent the money, than 4 hours later the bank called to tell me the check was fraud and they have to take the money out of my bank account. Bad part is I didn’t have any money so I had to be put on a pay plan for 3 years to pay it off.  That is what a scam truly is! I would not to wish this on my wort enemy.

I know you could care less about me and what I had to go through you just want to get straight to the answer of your question. Is ZNZ ONE A SCAM?  The answer is absolutely NOT! I am going to explain why just keep reading. I am not going to blow this out of proportion like a lot of the other znz reviews. I am going to tell you the truth and show you my results and experiences with ZNZ ONE.

Why Do YOU Think ZNZ ONE is a Scam?

I was in the same position as you a year ago. I was searching for a way to make money online without having to buy products or spend hardly any money to make money. I searched and searched finely I landed on ZNZ! I was so skeptical that you can actually make money online without spending any money. BUT I was more skeptical about taking a free trial offer to get a 1.00 credit so I will can advertise znz and earn $20 per person who join znz through me.

A few days went by. I kept researching just like are doing now. I wanted to know is znz one a scam or not. Over 95% of the videos and articles I seen said it was the BEST way to make money online. I was still skeptical till one day I woke up and said I am going to give this a try. So I did. I proceeded to take my free offer so I was able to earn daily $20 payments! I was so skeptical the offer I took was credit secure. It was a trial offer for an ID protection service. If it was a scam I will be protected by the trial offer. It was so simple to get set up and earn my 1.00 credit.It took me 7 hours to get qualified. The best part is you only have to take one offer in your life to get qualified.

After I was all set up and ready to rock and roll I was getting excited to share this with everyone I knew and earned $60 with in my first 2 days. Once I seen the money get deposited in to my pay pal account I knew it was real and really started to hit it hard. As of today 5/16/2013 I have referred 182 members to znz one and help them get started so they can earn money also. The Results below are form one day and my weekly pay check from znz!

ZNZ CompletionsPayPal

IS ZNZ ONE A Scam? The answer is clear as day NO!

So.. What Is ZNZ One?

ZNZ is an online referral marketing system that provides the missing link between large successful fortune 500 companies and their customers. It also gives people a chance to try the products or services before they buy, and it gives many large companies the opportunity to prove to customers that their products work.

ZNZ  gets compensated for finding referrals, and they pass those payments right to us. ZNZ works with over 100 Fortune 500 companies, helping them find new customers and become more efficient with their marketing. In this ever-changing market, you have to give the customer what they want. What customers want today is a free or a discounted trial so they don’t have to pay for something they don’t want.

ZNZ  pays out unlimited daily commission’s  everyday to people like you and me who refer people to try out different products/services. They’ve actually tipped the $7 million mark, so they’re here to stay. The Fortune 500 companies provide the offers inside the ZNZ system, and ZNZ makes the payments directly to us through money or gifts when we refer people to try the products/services.

So many people are turning to DVR, TiVos, and recording devices when they watch TV so they can skip right through all of the commercials. The fortune 500 companies are taking a hit in their advertising because nobody is watching their ads anymore. People are tired of being bombarded by advertisements on the TV and radio all the time. Most people now turn to the internet for information about products or services (like you are right now!). This is the information age, and these large companies know that. Mass hypnosis through television and commercials is no longer a viable way to get higher sales.

 The new “age” of marketing involves building relationships, trying before buying, and good customer service. These large corporations know that if they want to bring in customers, they have to give people a chance to try out the products before they buy. They love what ZNZ is doing because a lot of the people who take the trial offers will like their product/service and become long-term customers (even though it’s not required for people to keep the offer past the trial). That’s why we get $100 for like $5 in trial offer sales; because these companies know it will be profitable for them in the long run. The internet is a great place to advertise and has become the new way to interact with customers. So many people are watching you tube videos and looking for websites and social media outlets when making buying decisions. That’s why companies like DirectTV, MagicJack, CreditScore.com, Disney Movies, and others are turning to ZipnadaZilch for help.

No You Know ZNZ Is Not A Scam! Are You Ready To Earn Money Online With ZNZ?

Now you know that ZNZ is NOT a scam is it time for you to started earning money! This is only available to residents of the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. You must be at least 16 years or age. It is very simple to get started and set up. Depending on the offer you can get qualified and earn your credit is usually 6 hours. So you can join and make money all in the same day!

Thanks for reading my blog post. I sure hope I answered your question Is ZNZ One a Scam? Please leave me your thoughts and questions in the  comment area below! Please share this with your friends. To get started with znz and make money online Click image below! Talk to you soon and hope to see you on the inside!

Michael Pruiksma

P.S Click “Take Action” image below to join for free!

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  • Shari

    Hi. I read here, the opportunity with this company. However, I have disease of my brain that is destroying it slowly. I’m a single mom and need so much to be fixed (house and car), plus get supplies for a Fundraiser Marathon in doing next year down the East Coast, on my horse. I just had my bank account compromised and got cleaned out. No money for supplies. I worked hard for that. I need help, money and hope. I’m a hard worker. Is this for me? I don’t quite understand how this works. I do understand my vision. Thank you for your time.

  • ramesh

    Hello there, Thanks for sharing your personal experience. Yup..not only you ..but me as well scammed many times. But this post is really describes my experience as well. But as I commented on the other blog. This program is not avail. So waiting for happen worldwide. Thanks bro…

    • Hey Ramesh,
      I sure wish ZNZ and My Cash Freebies were available world wide too.

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