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Michael Pruiksma

How to Make Money Online Blogging From Home.

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How to Make Money Online Blogging. I have been creating blogs and helping bloggers online now for over 5 years and have been earning a healthy income doing it.

I am not going to tell you, I am going to show you how to SEO optimize your blog posts to get them ranked high on the search engines with just a few simple strategies. I will also show you  How to choose a keyword for blogging and most of all How to Make Money Online Blogging.

If you are new to blogging you might not know to even get started. The hardest part about blogging is just getting started. First you need to come up with a domain name, you need to buy hosting so it will be seen online, you need to have a good theme so your blog looks good, you need to get specific plug-ins and pictures to give your blog a good look. (I have found a serious secret short cut for you below! continue reading)

After you get your blog all set up then you can start blogging. If it is a brand new blog it is going to take you 90-120 days of blogging to see any real results. There is nothing we can do about that. Your blog needs to gain authority and age over time. Most of the spammers just create a blog for a few days and stop. the search engines only want to provide you with good content not spam or crap. The search engines also need to provide good results so the users continue to come back and use their service.  This is just the way the search engines are programmed to reduce spammers and provide good content to the searchers.

The internet is all based off of search results! When you type a keyword into the search bar and hit search the search engines are going to provide you with an answer that is relevant to your search terms. The goal of the search engines is to provide you with the best answer to your question.

The secret to leveraging the internet to make money online through blogging.

The secret to leveraging the internet and making money with blogging is providing the search engines what they want so your blog will be on the top of the search results. This is every bloggers dream and most of them do not have a clue how easy it truly is. I am going to explain all this to you but first… I know you are wondering what my secret short cut is for you so you can learn How to Make Money Online Blogging?

I know you want to make money online asap! You do not want to wait 90-120 days to see any results. You do not want to spend upwards or $100 to get your blog setup. You just want a blog professionally setup ready to start blogging for a fraction of the price.. Right? Exactly but are you ready for this… You will also earn 100% commission on all the sales you generate by blogging.

Let me explain how this works. When you are ready to start blogging you are going to buy a blog on the best blogging platform in the world! Seriously the blogging platform is in the top 300th most trafficked site in the entire world. This will greatly benefit you by giving your blog a massive amount of authority to get your blogs on the first page of the search engines in days not months.

The blogging system has an automatic built-in sales page that does all the selling and telling for you. All you need to do is worry about blogging to generate traffic to your blog then your blog will do the rest depositing 100% commission right to your bank account.

Okay I know you excited and this sounds so good but…. How much does it cost? For a very limited time you can steal the blogging system for $97  A small price of only $25. This is cheaper than a movie or a diner. Anyone can afford this and start making money by blogging.

After you buy the blogging system for only $25 which is one heck of a deal to get such a powerful system like this that is available to the entire world. There are no restrictions or set backs! IF YOU DECIDE TO BE A AFFILIATE For a SMALL Monthly Fee of ($19.95) You will  have the ability to EARN 100% commissions!

You are not out there trying to get pennies on the dollar advertising some other businesses banner on your blog to make money or selling some crappy product no one wants. Are going to be earning the BIG bucks and keeping all the money! What is better than that? Watch the video below!

Not only will you get the best blogging platform on the entire internet. The blogging system also comes with the 8 step fast start training that will get you on the fast track to success. You will also have the best cutting edge training available on the internet. You will also earn 100% commissions on the internet.

So what you will get is the tools, the system, the training you need to make as much money as you want! All is take is a decision and only $25 to get into the basic membership level!

Get instant access to this secret video that explain everything and will put you on the fast track to making money with the best blogging system on the internet.

This is the secret and How to Make Money Online Blogging From Home!

I really hope you made a decision to get the blogging platform.

Like I said earlier in this post we need to create a blog post so we will be seen on the first page of the search engines. I am going to break down exactly how to do this! Right Now!

There are thousands of other bloggers online but that does not mean nothing with the secrets I am going to reveal to you. The first and most important is finding a good keyword phrase. A keyword phrase is what people are typing in  the search engines so we are going to provide them with a good answer. Now we need to do keyword research. We will be looking for a low competition keyword with a good amount of monthly searches.

We need to do keyword research first because this is going to determine what we blog about. There are keywords that have over 9 million pages competing for the top spot. We want to avoid that and go after a different keyword phrase that only a few hundred people are going after. The key is to SEO optimize our blog post properly to beat out competition and rise to the top.

I am going to end this right here. There is no secret to success or making money online you just need to know how to do it. I am also on here to make money and now give all my personal strategies away for free.

When you buy your blogging system I will personally give you a call and set up your plan of action and welcome  you. You will also have access to our private team training website and private Facebook group with over 1,000 friendly entrepreneurs willing to help you and answer your questions. You will  also be invited to listen on our weekly team masterminds.

So if you want to learn How to Make Money Online Blogging this is it. If you are excited as I am I want to welcome you to our team. All you have to do now is Click on the “Tools” Page to get your blog!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please leave me your feed back and leave a comment! Thanks again. Will will be speaking soon!

Michael Pruiksma

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  • Aaron

    I’m not putting empower network down or trying insult anyone as I am apart of empower network myself but you have forgot to mention to your readers that for them to qualify for 100% commissions they need to pay an extra $20/month for their merchant account, without it they won’t get commissions. Apart from that it still is a very quick way of starting a blog.

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