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How To Find A Keyword That is WORTH Blogging About.

How To Find A Keywords That Will Get You More Traffic Leads and Sales.

Keywords are the most important part of any type of marketing. Period.

Keywords are what people are actively searching for. If you want to get target people to your blog or website, you need to create what people are searching for.

There are millions of people are searching on the internet every hour to find what they are looking for. If you create content and give the searchers what they are searching for it is simple to get traffic, leads and sales.


Now you see what I am talking about?…

If you create content people are actually searching for you will get LASER TARGETED TRAFFIC. I mean you can’t get any more targeted than that.

Personally there is no simpler way to sell or promote something to some who is LOOKING to buy!

I Am Going To Personally Show YOU How To Find A Keyword!

I want to show you exactly how I find my keywords..

It does take time and practice to find really good keywords. As they say practice makes perfect. Right?

I have found a secret way to weed out the competition and rise to the top of the search engines to get the MAXIMUM amount of Lasered TARGETED Traffic to my blog as possible.

The more searches the keyword gets the better... NOW wait a min.. We are not going to go find the highest searched keyword because we will be competing with 95 million other people.

I am going to show you what took me over about 1.5 years to master.

My Secret REVEALED! This Is  How To Find A Keyword!

I am going to take out my SECRET keyword weapon and UNLEASH The RAW Power to get you on the top of the search results, helping you get all the targeted traffic you possibly HANDLE!

There is a cost involved and it will cost you $19 per month! But it is a small price for BIG results!

Most people ask my why I spend $19 a month on my keyword tool why there is one for free.

Because I get better results and pin point accuracy on my keyword searches.

I do not want to guess from High, Medium, Low competition like the  Google keyword tool. You will see when you use it!

Jaaxy Key Word Tool

Try It RIGHT NOW For Free Type In A Keyword and Hit Search!

Tell me how cool this is!

I have been using the jaaxy keyword tool ever since I found it on the internet a few years ago.

This is going to be you’re secret weapon to the top of the search results.

This is how I find a keyword and what I look for In a good keyword..

When I come up with an idea on what I want to blog or make a video about, I just start using and searching on the Jaxxy Keyword Research tool.

I type a keyword in the Jaxxy tool and hit search. I look through all the search results and see if there are and LOW competition with HIGH searches.

The secret is to find a keyword that does not have a lot of competition but a lot of monthly searches.

Our goal when finding a good keyword is to get on the top of the search engines with as little competition as possible.

IT TAKES TIME TO REALLY PERFECT THIS! But once you do, it’s AWESOME to see your work on the top of the search results.


When creating content you want the keyword to have a natural flow.  You are going to find TONS of high traffic low competition keywords but they are not good. You must be able to write and speak normal.

When you spot a keyword you like, perform a Google search on it..

When you search that keyword check the results that come up to see if the content of the search results terms are optimized for that keyword.

The pages are that are optimized for that keyword will be the results with the keyword in the title, url and meta description.

If you see the search results have pages that are optimized for that keyword I would keep looking.

Check out my video as I show you How To Find A Keyword.

Now you know my secret to finding good keywords its time to start getting more traffic leads and sales.

See ya on top of the search results my friend.

Michael Pruiksma

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