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How to Find a Keyword for Blogging

How to Find The Best Keywords for Blogging.

I want to show you exactly How to Find a Keyword for Blogging. Finding a good keyword is very important. This determines if you are going to get traffic form the search engines. Every bloggers goal is to have their blog post on the first page of the search results for the keyword they choose to blog about.

When you find a good keyword you need to have it in the url, title, heading, first and last sentence of your blog post so the search engines will find your blog so it will show up on the search results. You can see for yourself in this blog where I use the keywords so the search engines will find my blog post to and get it ranked high on the search results! This is the most important part of blogging! You need to find a low competition keyword that gets a decent amount of monthly search results! Watch The Video Below I Created For You That Explains Exactly How I Do Keyword Research. Just Press Play!

My “Secrets” On How to Find a Keyword and Get Your Blog Post On The FIRST PAGE Of The Search Results!

It took me months of trial and error to really learn the techniques I am sharing with you today! I am so excited I can help you find the PROVEN way to get your blog posts on the top of the search engines where they belong so you can get more TRAFFIC, More LEADS and most of all More sales WITH out spends a dime on paid advertising! Well I am lying a little bit to you it does cost $19.95 a month to use this keyword tool but to me it is WELL worth the small price to get BIG results and most of all the GOOD feeling of seeing your blog post on the first page of the search results!

If You Do Not Think I Know What I Am Talking About LOOK At This Screen Shot! Got My Post To Rank On The first Page In The Second Position In 4 MINUTES and beat 1,120,000,000 other results!

This is How to Find a Keyword!

I am sharing all my secrets about How to Find a Keyword for Blogging but I am also going to tell you what it takes to get on the first page of the search engines is an active blog! I BLOG JUST ABOUT EVERYDAY some times 2-3 times a day when I have time. Just because you find the best keyword do not guarantee you are going to rank on the first page in hours or days. Most of the time it takes a month or so. If you do not have an active blog.

You just need to start blogging. If you are new it will take a few blogs to get the hang of it but when you do it is easy. I was walking through the mall today and I seen a lady folding like 200 shirts so perfectly. I stop to ask her how she got so good at folding and she told me that she was folding shirts for 3 years. I still can not fold a shirt to save my life. If I practice I will be just as good as her. This is just like anything you just need to start doing it and you will keep on improving. You will be a master blogger in a few months then you can teach your team your secrets to help them succeed just like I am doing here for you today.

Keywords are very important to get free targeted traffic to your blog. I can not stress how important this is. If you do key word research and Optimize your blog post you will be getting more traffic to your blog than you can handle. Remember it takes time. Blog everyday for the next 90 days and you will be a professions blogger.

Try The Jaaxy Keyword tool for free! You get 20 free Searches! Try it out Click on my “Tools” Tab above this post!

If you need any help or need help finding keywords, leave me a comment below.

Let’s get you to the tops of the search results.

Michael Pruiksma


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