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How To Advertise Online To Get More Leads and Sales.

How To Advertise Online

There are hundreds of ways to advertise your business but today, I am going to focus on How To Advertise Online. It is really simple to advertise online, you just need to know what you are doing and what are the best methods of online advertising.

Personally I think blogging is the way to go and here is why. First off and the best reason is you are going to be blogging about your product or service using keywords. Keywords are what people are typing into the search engines to find what they are looking for. People will be looking for you. Not you looking for them! BIG Difference!

But the secret is to find keywords, people are actively searching for that does not have a large competition for. Some keyword have millions of competing websites fighting for the top search results for that particular keyword terms. I am going to show you an example, If I choose the keyword Advertise Online there will be over 4,590,000 competing websites for that particular keyword. After I spent 20 min doing keyword research I found the keyword phrase How To Advertise Online that only has 488 competing websites. See the difference. It is a lot easier to compete with 488 than over 4 million. This is what business spend thousands of dollars to find out.

You will get a lot more results if people are searching for what you have than trying to spam everyone that does not even care what you have to offer. The true secret to online advertising is getting your ad in front of the people who are looking for what you have!

Also when you blog, your blog post will be on the search results for months and years to come. I am still earning money from a blog I posted over a year ago. You goal for blogging is to get your blog on the first page of the search results.

When you have your blog published you can promote links back to you blog. There are a lot of forums and groups you can find associated with your blog. When you share links to your blog in social media groups with thousands of people you will have instant traffic to your blog. As you can see at the bottom of my blog there are social media icons I use to share my blog post with. Even better when your readers like your blog they will also share your post exposing it to their whole network!

The bottom line is to reach targeted audience. There are thousands of websites, social media sites and so on out there you can advertise on but if you are not reaching the people who are interested in what you have it is just going to be a waste of time/money. You can not sell something to someone who has no intention of buying or using your product or service.

There are also advertisers that will charge you an arm and a leg to advertise your business and you will still come up empty-handed. There is no right or wrong way to advertise. Advertising is just like fishing! You need to have the perfect bait and know the perfect spot to cast the line. You do not know if they are going to be biting in deep water or shallow water today. You need to try, test and tweak. There is no advertising in just one place. You need to try different types of advertising in different places. Wherever you get the best response from that’s where you need to focus more in that area and scale up your advertising.

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Michael Pruiksma

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