Guide For Step 2 ZNZ Big Cash

Step 2 is very similar to step 1 but there are going to be a few changes you need to be aware of, so follow my instructions below.

To access step 2 and join ZNZ Big Cash, you can go back in the system and clicking on step 2.

Or click on the Step 2 Join ZNZ Big Cash button below.

 After you click the “Join Big Cash” button you will be on this page.

Enter the same email address you did when you joined ZNZ One and then click Sign Up.

If you do not see that you are being referred by 502278 click the link below.

When you enter the same email address you did with ZNZ One and click sign up.

After you put in your email address and click “Sign Up” you will
see where it is asking you: “Do you want to extend the account?”

They mean extend the ZNZ One account to ZNZ Big Cash (basically so you don’t have to fill out the Update Profile form again). You answer YES. Then you will see it asks for your PASSWORD, they mean the SAME PASSWORD YOU CHOSE FOR ZNZ ONE.

Put it in and it asks you to Agree to the Terms, do that. Then hit Sign UP (or whatever it says). This may not be the exact order of things, but I am going from memory, just do what it asks.

You will then be on the ZNZ Big Cash STATUS PAGE.

At the top menu, you will see the tab that says OFFERS and click it:

You will also notice above that it says: “You have completed 0.00 of 1.00 required offers” You also must complete 1.00 in ZNZ Big Cash. But you will see that the offers, unlike ZNZ One, the offers are not worth 1.00, so you will need to take multiple offers.

This is not difficult to do (especially considering the payoff), so just get it done and you NEVER HAVE TO COMPLETE ANY OFFERS EVER AGAIN, YOU ONLY DO IT ONCE!

As you see my bar is BLUE, yours will be PINK, meaning that you have not completed this step.

I recommend sorting out the offers.

Just click on Cost and then click Refresh and it will bring up to the top, the free and very cheap offers.

As in ZNZ ONE. I do not control the offers on the page, they can change at any time.

Most of the time there are enough Free Offers to get to 1.0, however, in the event there is not, just take a combination of Free offers and VERY cheap offers and I will reimburse you up to $10.

You can easily get to 1.o0 with Free Offers and $10. This keeps the program FREE to you, so I am happy to do it.

Now on to the offers.

Your credits must equal up to 1.00, so just add them up as you are taking them and get to 1.00.

I cannot recommend which ones to take, but obviously you want to take the FREE ONES (as many as possible)

This is pretty much a repeat performance of step 1, the only difference is the multiple offers.

When you click on the offers, the same thing will pop up:

Read the terms of the offer and if it states the offer trial period, go ahead and right it down (just use one piece of paper to write all of them on).

Click on “Continue With Offer” then just like in ZNZ ONE, the offer will pop up.

As you see, they ALL have something like “Get Started Now,” so just fill in what they want and click continue or whatever.

Don’t worry about additional things they offer, we are only concerned with the ORIGINAL OFFER that you saw on ZNZ. DO NOT sign up for anything additional.

Just like ZNZ One you MUST COMPLETE THE OFFER TO ITS CONCLUSION, you will see a page that says something like: “you have completed the offer” or “congratulations” or something of the sort. When YOU know that you completed it you can move on.

Almost all of them will send you a confirmation email or give you
a confirmation number, HOLD ONTO IT. Again, these offers MUST
add up to a Total of 1.00 credits.

Once you have completed enough offers to add up to 1.0, it takes as long as it takes for these companies to report back to ZNZ and for your Pink Bar to turn BLUE (in the OFFERS area), so don’t  sweat it, it WILL turn BLUE, just move on to step 3 (of course, you need to be checking back to see if your bar is BLUE and remember that ZNZ wants you to get the credit as much as
you do).

Again, you must keep the offers a MINIMUM of 80% of the time of the trial period. 7 day offer = 5 days, 30 day offer = 26 days (unless otherwise stated).

You will get credit pretty much immediately for doing the offers (and paid for your people immediately), BUT if you/them don’t keep offers the appropriate amount of time, ZNZ will come back and nullify that.

SO just multiply the trial period length by .8 (80%) and count up that may days from the date you joined and WRITE IT ON YOUR CALENDAR. If you do that, everything will be everything.

That’s it for step 2, so Get It Done!

When you are finished with ZNZ Big Cash, you can move on to Step 3 from inside the system.

Congratulations for completing the first two steps.

The hardest part is over.

Let’s move on to step 3 and get your system set up and program it to make money.

If you need me to reimburse you for completing this step, leave me a comment below and I will send it right over to you.

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  • ferhad

    You can easily get to with Free Offers and This keeps the program FREE to you, so I am happy to do it.

  • ferhad

    You can easily get with Free Offers and This keeps the program FREE to you, so I am happy to do it.

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