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Professional Lawn Mowing Tips For DIY Home Owners. The Best Grass Mowing Tips.

Proper Grass Mowing Tips From a Professional.

Grass Mowing Tips

The best Grass Mowing Tips on the internet for DIY homeowners. The main objective is to keep the grass even and attractive. A freshly mowed lawn may be attractive whether it is cut short or long. However, one of the most common detrimental practices is mowing TOO LOW! Close mowing results in several adverse effects to the turf. A direct correlation exists between the height of the leaf and the depth of the roots. When a lawn is consistently mowed to short, the turf compensates by shorting the root system according. The shorter root system requires more frequent watering and more fertilization due to the plant’s reduced ability to secure moisture and nutrients from the soil.

The Best Grass Mowing Tips I Can Give You Is Mow High and Mow Often.

Plants produce food through photosynthesis. This food production process takes place primarily in the plants leaf tissue. Mowing TOO LOW negatively impacts the plant’s ability to produce and store food. The result is a plant (and lawn) that is weakened and less tolerant to heat, drought, disease, insects and traffic.

As a general rule, mow frequently so no more than 1/3 of the leaf blade is removed. Bluegrass, Rye-grass, Tall Fescue, and St. Augustine grass should be cut at 3-1/2″. While Centipede-grass and common Bermuda-grass cut at 2-1/2″. Zoysia needs to be cut at 2″ Hybrid Bermuda-grass cut at 1″. This is the recommended mowing heights for the type of grass specified.

Grass Mowing Tips – Keep The Mower Blade SHARP!

Keep your mower blade SHARP! A dull mower blade will rip and shred the leaf rather than making a nice clean-cut. This weakens the plant and allows disease to attack the plant. When the lawn gets mowed with a sharp blade the grass-blade will heal better and much faster.

To easily remember how often to sharpen your mower blade use the “Holiday Schedule”: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and Thanksgiving!

This Is What Happens When You Mow With a DULL BLADE!

Grass Mowing Tips

Grass Mowing Tips – When To Mow?

You want to avoid mowing you lawn in the heat of the day! This is hard on the plants and it is also hard on you! It is better to mow in the evenings when it is cooler and the turf is dry. Mowing in the early mornings when there is dew on the lawn should be avoided as this may spread fungal spores that might be present. This is really important during the warm and dry summer months.

Also you want to leave the clippings on the lawn. Do not bag! This will add natural organic fertilizer and help feed the lawn as the grass clipping decompose. This will also help improve the soil. If you have a pile of crass clipping in a few months after it decomposes you have a nice healthy top soil. When you leave the clipping on the lawn it also will create a healthy layer of topsoil over time. I live at the beach so the soils down here are just about pure sand. 4 years of not bagging the clipping I have a 1-2″ top soil layer. This will also help reduce unwanted weed germination over time is there are no new weed seeds introduced to the top soil layer.

The only time the clippings should be removed is when the grass is wet or too low and it leaves clumps or piles or clippings are left on the yard. If you allow the clumps to dry you can re-mow your lawn or take a blower and disperse the clumps so it does to suffocate the grass and create dead spots. Regular mowing will prevent this problem.

Grass Mowing Tips

The Best Professional Lawn Mowing Tips For DIY Home Owners I can leave you with is.

Mow high and mow often. During the peak growing seasons you may have to cut your lawn twice a week.

Do not now in the morning of the heat of the day. Mow after dinner when the sun is going down.

Use a shape blade.

Leave the clipping on the lawn. Only clean up where there are clumps.

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Here is to the BEST lawn on the block!

Michael Pruiksma

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