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Everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, however don’t get to caught up in everyone else’s before you experiment with thinking for yourself.

Basing what you say, think and do off someone else’s opinion is exactly how our society has fallen away from who we really are. Fallen away from our roots.

All the way from hunters, to farmers…

….to sheep.

(read that again)


Because someone told us too. (And we listened to them!)

Somewhere along the way someone said “this is the way it is”

And a lot of people fell for it.

The same phenomenon happens when we regurgitate other people’s opinions, instead of thinking for ourselves.

I see reports and ‘reviews’ everyday about people and businesses – and most of it is based on hypothetical equations and opinions.

Trust me, being in the “opinion giving business” (especially when no one is asking for it) is one way to rob yourself of the gifts and returns you could be having if you decided to create instead….

….but being in the “opinion giving business” and your opinion is regurgitated from someone else’s opinion reeks of a desperate, attention seeking, ‘sheep like’ mentality.

Everyday there’s a small group of people creating, ‘free thinking’ and innovating…

….and there’s a much larger group of people taking about them.

All of our problems, both economical and socially would be solved if that number was reversed, and more people started contributing – giving value instead of opinions – and took action instead of being afraid to get their non-calloused hands dirty.

I had a mentor once tell me:

opinions are like a**holes, everyone’s got one, and some of them stink”

The truth is, an a**hole serves a purpose. Most opinions don’t.


A missed opportunity is one thing you can never get back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Most people live most of their life regretting missing (or rather, forfeiting) opportunities.

Keeping a job you hate because you’re scared to not have “security”. Wondering if the girl you didn’t ask out might have been your future wife. Wishing you would have said “yes” to a business opportunity instead of letting your ego get in the way of your bank account, and then regretting it later.

Decide right now you’re not going to live with regrets. Make an agreement with yourself to take an inventory at the end of every day (I do), and ask yourself 2 questions:

#1) Is there anything I wish I hadn’t done?

#2) Is there anything I left undone?

And if the answer to #2 is “yes”… make damn sure you tie up that lose end and seize what ever opportunities the universe has placed in your path. Live with no regrets. And make maximum impact each day with every opportunity that comes your way.


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