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Easy and FUN Offline Marketing Idea – Money Drop Cards!

Get Money Drop Cards For a Fun Exciting Offline Marketing Idea for ANYONE!


I will have to admit this is one of my favorite forms of offline marketing. Just seeing the reaction of the people who find your cards..  Leave them wherever you go.. You do not have to physically hand it to them if you are shy.  You will find AWESOME places to put your drop cards!


offline marketing idea

People go crazy for these.  As I find better and better places I will try to keep you all posted.  So far I always like to drop some where ever you take pay for something. I also like to put some in random spots on and under items in stores. You know you walk around and hand one to every employee.. Seriously EVERYONE wants to make more money!


I have found a VERY Cheap Offline Marketing Idea With Money Drop Cards and It EXPLODED!

If you are new to marketing. I suggest come up a few different punch lines!

I recommend getting 5 different one hundred packs that getting just one 500 pack. Marketing online and offline is all about finding the best way and building off what works.

Whatever business you are looking to market for it is always a GREAT IDEA to get a domain name that you can forward to a capture page. I recommend using a .com domain name if possible. It does take some planning to find a good domain name to put on your money drop card.

It good to go with a theme.  I though makehundredsonline.com was a good fit for what I need it for!

You can get your domain name below!

I have been using namecheap for years. Nothing but the best. Help and support FAST when something goes wrong or you need help!

Click The Banner below to search for a domain name to put on your Money Drop Cards!



Once You get a good domain name it is time to create your punch line and call to action! Keep it short and sweet! We are looking for your desired target market. Saving Money Or Making Money, Something New! Short description with a good call to action!


offline marketing idea  money drop cards

Get Your Money Drop Cards Here!

ArrowsEasy and FUN Offline Marketing Idea - Money Drop Cards!

Serious Offline Marketing Idea – Money Drop Cards!


Money Drop Cards are a fast, easy, EFFECTIVE and cheap way to get leads and sales for your business.


There are 101 different Offline Marketing Ideas out there but Personally I think Money Drop Cards get the most attention and have the biggest impact with the cheapest price tag!


All you need to do is find a good domain name and come up with a good punch line and call to action and you will have leads coming in just as fast as you can hand them out!


If you are looking for more Offline Marketing Ideas you need to check out the empower network! Empower Is serious the KING of ANY online businesses on the internet today!




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    Hello it’s Melode, I just want to let you know that your website is really nice and this has to be one of the best offline marketing techniques I have ever seen. I am going to try it. Thanks Mike!

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    Lovely Video for Easy and FUN Offline Marketing Idea – Money Drop Cards! Useful and great one. Thanks

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