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All about my cash freebies

Everything you need to know “about My Cash Freebies”!

My Cash FreebiesĀ is my all time favorite way to earn a BIG PROFIT online.

I am going to dig deep into my cash freebies and explain what it is, how it works and how you too can start earning a profit as soon as tomorrow.

Lets start here.

If you see MCF that is just the abbreviation for My Cash Freebies!

What exactly is My Cash Freebies?

My Cash Freebies is an advertising affiliate network, or in more technical terms a CPA network (Cost Per Acquisition).

All this means is that hundreds of companies have been using MCF to help grow their business such as, Discover, GoDaddy, CreditReport.com, Gamefly, Netflix, Match.com and now over 200 other well know companies.

These companies are looking to grow their business and gain new customers. Most of all the companies participating are offering a free or very low-cost trial offer period just to get people “TRY” their product or services to hopefully gain new customers.

So MCF is offering cash and prizes as an insensitive to get more people to try the products and services advertised on my cash freebies.

When people try a product or service that is listed inside of my cash freebies, the companies pay MCF for getting them new customers. That is why it is a cost per acquisition. My cash freebies only gets paid when people try the product or service for the trial period they are advertising.

But MCF took it a step further and has already paid out over 5 million to people just like me and soon to be YOU, who refer people into my cash freebies to try a product or service of their choice that is advertised inside MCF.

Let me explain this in 4 simple steps that will be easy to understand.

You are going to sign up, complete offers, refer others and get paid.

This may sound like a foreign concept and there are people who think that this is too good to be true of just think it is a scam.

Let me clarify and put this myth to bed once and for all.

Is My Cash Freebies A Scam?

So many people assume this is just some sort of scam. But rest assure it is not.

I am going to be totally honest with you. When I was first introduced to MCF back in 2013, I thought it was a scam and here is why.

The main reason I thought this was a scam is because it just seemed to good to be true. And you know what they say about that, if it sounds to good to be true it usually is. But it is really NOT.

It actually took me about 2 weeks to actually give it a try.

When I did have enough courage to give it a try, I was skeptical about giving my information to these companies that advertise on MCF. I assumed they were just going to keep charging me more and more money.

So… What I did was, I took an offer for a credit protection service for $1. This made me feel safe. I figured if it did turn out to be a scam at least I would be protected. Just in case.

So I did that and waited to see what was going to happen. And what did you know NOTHING happened but I completed my offer so I was eligible to start referring other people so I could start making money.

Then it was all down hill from there. In a few days I got my first referral and had $25 in my PayPal account and realized this is freaking awesome!

I just spent $1 to try an offer I choose to get qualified. Remember the 4 simple steps… Sign up, Complete offer, Refer others and Get Paid.

That is exactly what I did and in no time the money started flowing in and the best part is that it was ALL PROFIT!

My $25 payment from express my cash freebies

So just to clarify My Cash Freebies is NOT a Scam.

Now we know what MCF is and that it is not a scam.

What countries is My Cash Freebies Available in?

MCF is only limited to a few countries and they are United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

The reason MCF is only available to those countries is because those are the only locations the offers are eligible for.

Just a month or so ago they just added Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Spain and Sweden to the list. It was only available to the USA, Canada and UK for years so the recent countries might not have as many offers to choose from than the USA, Canada or UK.

So if you are from one of the 11 countries, you gotta give this a try.

Are there are restrictions or requirements?

Yes there are but nothing to be scared about.

  • Must be 18 or older.
  • A resident of United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Spain or Sweden.
  • Have a computer with personal internet access. (NO Public WiFi)
  • Only allowed one account per household, per Internet connection, per I.P Address. (Strictly enforced)
  • Need to have a Debit / Credit Card to complete the offer. No Prepay or Gift cards of any kind.


What do you need to do to make money?

The simple answer is refer people to the my cash freebies website through your affiliate link and when they complete an offer and meet their requirements, you get paid. It is really that simple.

Get Your My Cash Freebies Prizes

This is another reason why I love MCF is because it is just so simple and easy for anyone to use and make money.

There is a HUGE demand of people looking for a fast and simple way to earn money online. Just think how many people do you know that could use some extra money?

It does not matter if they just graduated high school or they are retired, anyone that is willing to put in a little bit of work advertising MCF is bound to make money with MCF.

Thousands of people everyday are losing their jobs.

Parents want to make money while they stay home with their family.

For most people their jobs are just not cutting it and need to make some extra money.

Retired people just can’t survive off of social security.

From young to old and everyone in between is dreaming about an opportunity to make extra money in their spare time working from the comfort of their home.

Look at this. Just to make it clear and drive my point home.

There are WELL OVER a million people a MONTH searing for a way to “Make Money Online”.

Make Money Online has over a millions searches a month

That is crazy right?

When you join my cash freebies with me, I am going to show you exactly how I find those people and earn a BIG profit for doing so.

Who is the best My Cash Freebies Sponsor to have?

That is a good question and my answer of course is going to me silly.

And here is why..

Don’t get me wrong you can join My Cash Freebies anywhere you choose, but if you sign up with me you are going to get more bang for your buck as they say.

If you choose to have me as your sponsor, you will be able to contact me if you have questions or need help.

But an added bonus is I am going to show you exactly how I already earned hundreds of dollars with my cash freebies.

There are going to be hundreds of people who will promise you the world until you join and they make their money, than it seems like they fell of the face of the earth. Because you will never hear from them again.

Believe me I had hundreds of people who just signed up coming to me and begging to help them because their sponsor left them high and dry.

And when you do a search for “My Cash Freebies” Bam my blog pops right up.

Having a sponsor that actually cares and willing to help you is an added bonus.

I already have years of experience making money online and I will be more than happy to help you.

What are the best programs to use?

My Cash Freebies has 13 different sites you can use to make money they are.

    • Fast Track ($10 per Referral)
    • Express ($20 per Referral)
    • Small change ($20 per Referral)
    • Double ($30 per Referral)
    • In The Bag ($20 per Referral)
    • Half ($20 per Referral)
    • Fine Print ($40 per Referral)
    • Audio ($60 per Referral)
    • Video ($60 per Referral)
    • Bank Note ($80 per Referral)
    • Legal Tender ($80 per Referral)

My favorite ones to use is Express My Cash Freebies and Double My Cash Freebies!

Here is why, because it does not take a lot of offers to meet your requirements. With Express you can take ONE offer to meet your requirements and for every referral that meets their requirements you will get paid $20.

With Double you will take 2 offers and when you refer people and they meet your requirements you will earn $30 per referral.

Don’t get me wrong it’s awesome to make $60 and even $80 per referral but 95% of the people do not want to complete 5-8 trial offers to meet their requirements. You will make more money but then on the flip side, only a few people you refer will complete their requirements so you get paid.

With Express and Double it is simple for just about anyone to meet their requirements. You will make a little bit less per referral but MORE people will do it so it is MUCH better in the long run.

Trust me I tried them all and after 2 years of experience Express and Double are on the top of my list.

I also use Express My Cash Freebies and Double My Cash Freebies, because of this awesome turn-key marketing system.

My Cash Freebies 4 step turn-key marketing system.

Yup MCF is so popular my business partner Chuck invested thousands of dollars into this awesome turn-key marketing system designedĀ specifically for Express and Double My Cash Freebies programs that poor out unlimited $50 payment just about automatically!

My Cash Freebies Turn Key marketing system

I am going to hand this over to you free of charge when you join with me.

My Cash Freebies Payment Proof!

Okay ok.. I know what you are thinking,

Show me proof Mike!

These are the emails you are going to get from my cash freebies.

This is a notification that I just made $25 from Express My Cash Freebies.

Express only pays out $20 per referral, but they always seem to have awesome monthly promotions so you can even make more.

My $25 payment from express my cash freebies

But wait there is more. That is just one of the streams of income.

Check this out.

Double My Cash Freebies pays out $30 and most of the time even has bonuses, so you can make even more.

$33 Payment from double my cash freebies

Those are the email notifications I get, now you are about to see my email inbox full of commission notifications from MCF!

My Cash Freebies Income Proof

My Cash Freebies Income Proof

This is from the beginning of the year, that are A LOT more than that now. This is just the first page of many.

I am not trying to brag or boast. I am just showing you what is possible if you take this serious.

But most important.. I CAN NOT and WILL NOT guarantee you are going to make this much. You may make more, you may make less or you may even make no money at all. It all depends on you.

Now I know you are probably wondering how can you join me. Right?

Let me explain.

How to join my cash freebies.

I recommend signing up with both ASAP. Why?

Because the sooner you join the sooner you will be able to make money.

My two favorite my cash freebies sites are.

Express My Cash Freebies and Double My Cash Freebies.

All you have to do is click on the blue text below and a new window will pop open so you can join.

Start with Express. Click Here –> Join Express My Cash Freebies <— Click Here.

Make sure you are being referred by me and my affiliate number is 148451. This is very important.

Once you click on the link above, you are going to have to do 2 things.

Step 1 is choose your free gift and I highly recommend, choosing $20 so as soon as your referral complete an offer you can cash out.

If you choose $40 you need 2 referrals to cash out and if you choose $60 you need 3 referrals to cash out.

Express My Cash Freebies Step 1

After that step 2 is just entering your best email address.

Make sure you use your main email address because you do not want to not get notifications from MCF.

Express My Cash Freebies Step 2

After you enter your email address, all you have to do is fill out and complete your profile and set up your account.

Express My Cash Freebies Profile Setup

Then once you fill out your profile, all you have to do is take an offer and meet your requirements.

Express My Cash Freebies Offers

I can not recommend any offers, but to make it easier on you go after the bigger credit value so you have to take less offers to meet the requirements.

Remember you need to get a 1.00 credit to meet the requirements.

Also when you are taking an offer. Make sure you turn off your pop up blocker and use Firefox browser so you will not have any crediting issues. If you do its pretty simple to submit a missing credit request.

Once you have met the requirements, you can click on the “profile” or “status” tab to get your referral link so you can stat making money.

Also as you are taking the offer write down, what offer you took, how long the trail period is and how you can contact them to cancel if you do not want to continue with the offer.

If you call up can cancel before the trial is over you will not get billed for a monthly subscription. I do not recommend doing that but if you have to you can.

Then after you have successfully join express. Follow the same steps and join Double.

Click here —> Join Double My Cash Freebies <— Click here!

Make sure you are being referred by me my affiliate number is 148470 for Double MCF!

Make sure you use the same email address and choose a different offer from Express.

If for any reason you get confused or need help you can leave me a comment below, or you can enter your email address below and I will send you a step by step video that will show you everything literally step by step.

This is a private video ONLY for people who want to join my cash freebies.

Just enter your best email below and I will send it to you in a matter of seconds!

Is My Cash Freebies really free?

The answer is yes! MCF will never charge you a fee or membership cost to use or make money with my cash freebies.

What a lot of people don’t understand is that it may cost a few bucks to take an offer, and then they complain they had to spend $1 to take an offer.

If that is going to be you. PLEASE do not join with me.

I mean come on, you might have to spend a few bucks to take an offer but once you do you will NEVER have to take another offer or spend a single dime.

How many times will you spend $1 to get back $20?

I will do that as many times as I possibly could. And in fact I turned about a $20 investment into over a $700 profit already and it keeps going up without having to spend an extra money what so ever.

2014 My Cash Freebies Income Proof

Oh yeah I almost forgot about this.

My Cash Freebies also has Residual income bonuses.

What this means is that you will even make money from your referrals referral.

So that means, when you refer people into my cash freebies and those people refer people you are going to get a residual bonus.

I’m telling ya there is nothing else like this online and if you pass this up, I feel sorry for you.

This is an online gold mine.

There is nothing else that will ever come close to my cash freebies.

Take action and join today.

Because if you never take a step forward you will remain in the same spot and if you do not go after what you want you are just going to have to settle for what you got!

It does take work to make money with my cash freebies but this is the easiest money I have ever made!

You’re future my cash freebies sponsor,

Michael Pruiksma

Always remember if you need help of have questions the best way to contact me is to leave me a comment below!

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    hello Michael,
    My name is Stephanie. I saw your review and I am highly impressed. Its proof to me that mycashfreebie is for real. I am trying to save to proceed in my higher education in my country and joining this network would be a great help to me. Unfortunately, I signed up through a random link that I saw online yesterday, because I thought that was the only way to register and I saw that I can actually get what is called a free green on the site to be able to refer others since there are no offers available in my country. Please what advice would you give me on cancelling my account, so that I can re-register and apply for a free green pass? Your post is very detailed, I would appreciate any other insider tips you will give me on being successful with mycashfreebies. Thank you

  • Zabariah


    Thanks for replying my email about changing to join your group. Actually I have emailed the mycashfreebies support group, they told me I only have to transfer my account to the new sponsor. I don’t need to delete my account.

    As mentioned earlier in my recently posted comment, I just need your link and how to go about to start the system. To tell the truth I’m quite confused.
    Please help.

    Please reply ASAP.


  • Zabariah

    Hi Mike,

    How can I sign up under you please give me your link. Any future info, you can email me [my email is provided on top]

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