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Michael Pruiksma


Hello friends,

Welcome to my virtual online world.

You’re about to discover…

How this former lawn boy now utilizes the power of the internet to generate an income, all online, virtually hands free 24-7.

You’re here reading this right now, because of one decision I made a few years ago.

All because I was sick and tired of the rat race and wanted to find an escape route.

Once day I had an ingenious idea to see if I could generate some income online and figure out a way to scale it up replace my full-time job.

It was back on 5-31-2012, my online journey all began.

I am not going to map out a time line of my life. (Thank God)

But I am going to share with you, why I decided to go this route.

What really intrigued me, was that I can have a website and set up advertising that is working for me around the clock virtually hands free 24/7.

If I was working, at the beach with wild horses, sleeping, or even on vacation.

My first intention was to earn some additional income in my spare time, to help pay off some bills quicker, get out of debt faster and fatten up my saving account quicker.

I mean, why not make money online?

  • I met the love of my life online
  • I bank online
  • I pay bills online
  • I shop online
  • I learn online
  • I stay connected with family and friends online

So I made the decision to go for it. (and I’m glad I did)

But it’s not only me, take a peak at what other people have to say about this system and online community we built.

These were everyday average people just like me.

I know you want to know how it works and might have a few questions and that’s fine.

But what I recommend you do is watch our live online presentation, that will explain everything from A-Z.

If you have any question, you can get them answered live on the chat feed.

We go live every Monday and Thursday Evenings.. You will love it. It’s a fun. upbeat. positive environment.

Really hope to see you there.

Let me know your name and where your from in the comment section below.

Make it a great day!

Michael Pruiksma

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  • Bemnit

    Silver Spring MD

  • Bemnit

    Tired of poverty

  • Michele

    Hi Michael,
    I am interested in improving my life and would greatly appreciate it if you can send me the link.
    Thank you.

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