Hi, I’m Michael…

A beach bum during the day.

Michael Pruiksma On The Beach With Wild Horese

An online entrepreneur by night.


I’m currently 32 and live right outside of Ocean City, Maryland.


The reason why I’m here is because I wanted more out of life than just struggling to live paycheck to paycheck working at a job helping other people’s dreams become a reality.

In fact it was 5/31/2012.

I said to myself, That’s it! I am not going to live like this anymore. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I just knew there had to be better way to live my life and I was determined to find it.

So that is exactly what I did.

Now I created my own personal blog to share with you, exactly what I did to help over 641 members join our team.

All online without bugging my friends and family, without having to host home or hotel meetings, without having to cold call a single person and without having to stock, ship, sell or print anything.

If you are serious and ready to live the life you truly deserve and make money online.

Let me show you exactly what I did and how to do it.