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Did you know that the fastest way to learn how to do it right is to do it wrong and learn from your mistakes, make adjustments and do it again until you get it right and hit your goal.


It’s time to wake up and start dreaming.

Is the life you are currently living, the same life you envisioned and dreamed about when you were young?

If you life is not currently the life you have been dreaming about, if not you need to start dreaming of the dream life you want to live.

If you do what you always did, you’re only going to continue to get what you always got.

A Dream keeps you from wasting your life!

You NEED to have a positive dream that pulls you to greater, higher levels of achievement and accomplishment.

Having a BIG dream gives you future focus instead of getting preoccupied with the problems and frustrations of the present.

A dream gets you thinking about the possibilities of the future.

…and of course you’re not going to know what to do or how to do it at first, but if you take action one thing leads to another.

So that brings us back to the title of my video..

One Of The Fastest Way To Learn How To Do It Right Is To Do It Wrong.

Learn from your mistakes, make corrections and make it happen.

You can do it!

Make the rest of your life, the best of your life.



Step 2 is very similar to step 1 but there are going to be a few changes you need to be aware of, so follow my instructions below.

To access step 2 and join ZNZ Big Cash, you can go back in the system and clicking on step 2.

Or click on the Step 2 Join ZNZ Big Cash button below.

 After you click the “Join Big Cash” button you will be on this page.

Enter the same email address you did when you joined ZNZ One and then click Sign Up.

If you do not see that you are being referred by 502278 click the link below.


When you enter the same email address you did with ZNZ One and click sign up.

After you put in your email address and click “Sign Up” you will
see where it is asking you: “Do you want to extend the account?”

They mean extend the ZNZ One account to ZNZ Big Cash (basically so you don’t have to fill out the Update Profile form again). You answer YES. Then you will see it asks for your PASSWORD, they mean the SAME PASSWORD YOU CHOSE FOR ZNZ ONE.

Put it in and it asks you to Agree to the Terms, do that. Then hit Sign UP (or whatever it says). This may not be the exact order of things, but I am going from memory, just do what it asks.

You will then be on the ZNZ Big Cash STATUS PAGE.

At the top menu, you will see the tab that says OFFERS and click it:

You will also notice above that it says: “You have completed 0.00 of 1.00 required offers” You also must complete 1.00 in ZNZ Big Cash. But you will see that the offers, unlike ZNZ One, the offers are not worth 1.00, so you will need to take multiple offers.

This is not difficult to do (especially considering the payoff), so just get it done and you NEVER HAVE TO COMPLETE ANY OFFERS EVER AGAIN, YOU ONLY DO IT ONCE!

As you see my bar is BLUE, yours will be PINK, meaning that you have not completed this step.

I recommend sorting out the offers.

Just click on Cost and then click Refresh and it will bring up to the top, the free and very cheap offers.

As in ZNZ ONE. I do not control the offers on the page, they can change at any time.

Most of the time there are enough Free Offers to get to 1.0, however, in the event there is not, just take a combination of Free offers and VERY cheap offers and I will reimburse you up to $10.

You can easily get to 1.o0 with Free Offers and $10. This keeps the program FREE to you, so I am happy to do it.

Now on to the offers.

Your credits must equal up to 1.00, so just add them up as you are taking them and get to 1.00.

I cannot recommend which ones to take, but obviously you want to take the FREE ONES (as many as possible)

This is pretty much a repeat performance of step 1, the only difference is the multiple offers.

When you click on the offers, the same thing will pop up:

Read the terms of the offer and if it states the offer trial period, go ahead and right it down (just use one piece of paper to write all of them on).

Click on “Continue With Offer” then just like in ZNZ ONE, the offer will pop up.

As you see, they ALL have something like “Get Started Now,” so just fill in what they want and click continue or whatever.

Don’t worry about additional things they offer, we are only concerned with the ORIGINAL OFFER that you saw on ZNZ. DO NOT sign up for anything additional.

Just like ZNZ One you MUST COMPLETE THE OFFER TO ITS CONCLUSION, you will see a page that says something like: “you have completed the offer” or “congratulations” or something of the sort. When YOU know that you completed it you can move on.

Almost all of them will send you a confirmation email or give you
a confirmation number, HOLD ONTO IT. Again, these offers MUST
add up to a Total of 1.00 credits.

Once you have completed enough offers to add up to 1.0, it takes as long as it takes for these companies to report back to ZNZ and for your Pink Bar to turn BLUE (in the OFFERS area), so don’t  sweat it, it WILL turn BLUE, just move on to step 3 (of course, you need to be checking back to see if your bar is BLUE and remember that ZNZ wants you to get the credit as much as
you do).

Again, you must keep the offers a MINIMUM of 80% of the time of the trial period. 7 day offer = 5 days, 30 day offer = 26 days (unless otherwise stated).

You will get credit pretty much immediately for doing the offers (and paid for your people immediately), BUT if you/them don’t keep offers the appropriate amount of time, ZNZ will come back and nullify that.

SO just multiply the trial period length by .8 (80%) and count up that may days from the date you joined and WRITE IT ON YOUR CALENDAR. If you do that, everything will be everything.

That’s it for step 2, so Get It Done!

When you are finished with ZNZ Big Cash, you can move on to Step 3 from inside the system.

Congratulations for completing the first two steps.

The hardest part is over.

Let’s move on to step 3 and get your system set up and program it to make money.

If you need me to reimburse you for completing this step, leave me a comment below and I will send it right over to you.

Completing step 1 with ZNZ One is simple, I will walk you through the entire process, step by step.

ZNZ Requirements.

ZNZ does have a few requirements you need to meet before you continue with the sign up process.

  • You MUST be a resident of the USA, Canada or United Kingdom.
  • You MUST have a valid email address.
  • You MUST sign up from your own device using your own internet connection.
  • Only ONE account per household.
  • Must be 16 years of age or older.

If you meet all these requirements congratulations you may proceed. If you do not meet these requirements I’m sorry to say this but ZNZ will not work for you.

ZNZ launched their site on July 14th, 2007 with four goals in mind.

1. To provide our advertisers with the best quality leads by eliminating fraud.
2. To provide the best customer support by offering quick response times, quick order approvals and payouts, and free shipping for prizes with no fees on PayPal orders.
3. To have the highest payouts for offers by using several affiliates to find the best deals possible, with great offer crediting.
4. To provide a bigger selection of offers as well as the most popular ones for you to try.

ZNZ has established themselves a leader in the freebie industry by word of mouth of the great customer service and unparalleled promotions. ZNZ has shipped out over $9,900,000 in free gifts and promotional prizes to our users.

ZNZ is a rock solid company That I have been personally using to make money online since 6-2-2012 and still love and highly recommend them today.

The ZNZ System.

The secret to my success with ZNZ is using a turn-key marketing system that literally automates 90% of the work.

This system I use is called the internet payday system, that looks like this.

If you have not yet watched the entire video inside the system that explains everything in full detail, click the button below to watch it now!

After you finish watching the video as Martin explains everything, the next step is to start step 1 which is sign up with ZNZ One and get qualified to make money.

Getting Started With Step 1, Join ZNZ One.

When you click on step 1 Join ZNZ you will be directed right to the ZNZ One website.

Let’s get started Click STEP 1 Join ZNZ One.

When you click on the button above, a new tab will open and you will be on a page that looks like this.

The first thing you need to do is choose how you want to get paid.

The fastest and easiest way is PayPal. You will have the money in your account within 24hrs.

If you do not yet have a PayPal account you can set one up for free in just a few minutes at paypal.com

Next make sure it says you are being referred by user ID 502357

If you do not see that number, click the link below.


Enter your primary email address in the box then click Sign Up.

Create Your ZNZ Profile.

You will then be here on what is called the PROFILE Page where you will Update Account Information.

This is self-explanatory. Fill in all the information. Name, Address, etc.

Double check and make sure all your information is correct or else your account will be put on hold or suspended.

If you already have a PayPal email address then you can put it in the box.

If you do not currently have a PayPal email address DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT, just move on. We are going to cover getting you a free PayPal Account a little later.

Then YOU create a New Password, Confirm (retype) New Password, WRITE DOWN your New Password and click “Update Profile”

You will then be on the PROFILE page and the next step is to simply click on the OFFERS tab at the top of the page under the ZNZ One Logo.

Completing Offers Meeting 1.00 Credit.

You will notice on this example of the offers page, which is mine, you will see a blue bar that says Congratulations! You have fulfilled your offer credit requirements.

You have completed 1.00 out of 1.00 required offer credit.

Because I HAVE completed it. On yours it be red and it will say: “You have completed 0.00 out of 1.00 required offer credit.”

Obviously meaning that you need to complete 1.00 credit. You will only need to complete 1.00 Credit ONE TIME and you never have to worry about it again.

I completed my 1.00 credit offer back on 6-2-2012 and I am still making money today.

The 1.00 credit requirement NEVER expires so just spend a few min and complete it now so you never have to worry about it again.

Crediting Tips.

Make sure you also check out the crediting tips on the ZNZ website.


There will typically be 2 or 3 pages of offers in ZNZ One and you will notice right above the page numbers you will see where it says Sort By: you can go over and check Cost and it will bring all of the Free and very cheap offers to the top so you don’t have to look all over for them.

I cannot control the offers that are on the page at any particular time. There are USUALLY several free offers, but if for some reason there are not at the time that you are doing this, don’t worry about it and don’t wait. You will definitely see some very cheap offers ( a dollar or two), just take one of those.

I will show how I REIMBURSE you for those (you’ll see that in step 2). So you are not out anything and the program remains FREE.

Remember you’re going to be earning multiple $20 payments from ZNZ One that means 99.9% of the time you will earn a profit with your very first referral.

This process is extremely simple, you just click on an offer and this page will pop up.

This page gives you the terms of the particular Trial Offer.

You simply read over the offer terms and click “Continue with the offer” and the actual offer website will pop up.

All of the offers are very similar, they will all have something like “Click Here, It’s Free” or “Start Now” or something like that, you just click on that and complete the required information.

The companies all make it VERY simple for you to take the Trial. All you need to do is fill in the information and then “continue” or “move to the next step” until you have COMPLETELY finished the offer and you see some sort of screen that tells you the “offer has been completed” or “you have been accepted” or something of the sort.

The companies take as long as they take (usually very quickly) to report back to ZNZ. When they do, in YOUR ZNZ Back Office, under OFFERS, your PINK bar will turn BLUE like mine is, as shown below.

You DO NOT have to wait for your Pink Bar to turn Blue before you go to Step 2. You WILL get credit for the offer and it WILL turn Blue, meaning that you are fully qualified, so don’t worry about it or waste time.

As long as YOU know that you completed the 1.0 credit in ZNZ One you can move to Step 2.

Offer Requirements.

Some offers will tell you that you must keep them a certain amount of days, but unless otherwise stated, you must keep the offer 80% of the trial period.

For instance: If it is a 7 day trial, you must keep it at least 5 days, so discontinue it, should you so choose, on day 6 or 7.

If it is a 30 day trial, you must keep it a minimum of 25 days, so discontinue if you choose on days 25 – 30.

Write it down on your calendar or set an alert on your phone and when the day comes discontinue it or whatever you choose to do.

These are REAL companies paying us REAL money, so you and everyone  that you refer using the Free Marketing System MUST keep these offers 80% of the trial period.

Any referral agent who is caught (and you will be) not following the simple rules and promoting anything other than keeping the offers 80% of the trial time will IMMEDIATELY be terminated.

Moving On To Step 2.

After you complete step 1 and meet the 1.00 credit requirement for ZNZ One, it’s time to move to step 2 which is setting up ZNZ Big Cash to earn quadruple the money you make in step 1.

Once you completed step 1 let me know in the comments below and I will personally send you the guide for step 2.